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The Western Maryland Health System Auxiliary's objective and purpose is to assist UPMC Western Maryland in its charitable and humane work.

The WMHS Auxiliary functions as ambassadors, hospital volunteers, fundraisers, and public relations for UPMC Western Maryland and is an active member of the Maryland Association of Hospital Auxiliaries. Founded in 2004 through the consolidation of the Memorial and Sacred Heart Hospital Auxiliaries, today’s WMHS Auxiliary is comprised of more than 150 men and women who offer their dues and service to promote the advancement of superior healthcare for our region. Keep up with the WMHS Auxiliary on Facebook or click here for a brochure on how to join this vital organization. Biennial dues are billed in August through September, and a new directory is published in October every other year.

What an Impact!

The WMHS Auxiliary continues to be a lead partner of the WMHS Foundation. Since 1996, the organization has contributed nearly three million dollars to UPMC Western Maryland. Through monthly sales at Past Perfect Bargain Boutique, revenues from the One Dream Gift Shop, and specialty sales throughout the year, as well as the premiere black tie Snow Ball event, the Auxiliary raises funds annually to support clinical excellence and compassionate care right here at home. Take a look at some of the investments that your Auxiliary has made to our health system. 

Currently, the Auxiliary is in the process of fulfilling a million dollar pledge to the new Center for Hope and Healing to combat addiction in our area. To date, we have raised half of that, thanks in large part to our generous community. And last year, when COVID made it impossible for our friends to enjoy the Snow Ball, we conducted a successful campaign to continue to raise funds for the center. Tap the link below to learn more about the Auxiliary’s pledge and the strong support of our community for the Hope Lives! campaign.


Join Us!

There are many ways to get involved in our active organization!

New this year, the board of the WMHS Auxiliary is making a concerted effort to learn your interests in supporting UPMC Western Maryland by offering new ways to get involved. Take a peek at the attached flyer for more specific ways to become an active member in your Auxiliary.


Let us know how you would like to participate by contacting Sharon Cosgrove at 240-964-8051 or

  • Snow Ball planning for the largest fundraiser on our calendar, an elegant black tie affair
  • One Dream Gift Shop – a not-for-profit organization sponsored by the WMHS Auxiliary and staffed by UPMC Western Maryland volunteers. All proceeds benefit the hospital projects by purchasing equipment and other items
  • Past Perfect Bargain Boutique – boutique-style shopping at bargain basement prices
  • Scholarships – to serve on our scholarship committee, in March and April of each year, contact Sharon Cosgrove, above.
  • Specialty Sales, including handbags, books, uniforms, and more!
  • Employee appreciation events twice annually

Emergency Services Fund

Through our Past Perfect revenues, the WMHS Auxiliary has an emergency services fund to be able to deliver funding quickly and efficiently to hospital staff, patients and members of the community and to purchase vital equipment that supports advanced care in the emergency department.

Auxiliary Officers

Auxiliary members are proud to honor their rich history and continue the tradition of supporting UPMC Western Maryland that spans over a century.

Officers for the 2021-2023 term are:

Kim Kremer, President

Julie Westendorff, President Elect

Dani Rossi, Vice President

Sharon Livengood, Treasurer

LouAnn Reckley, Recording Secretary

Julie Davis, Immediate Past President

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For more information about the WMHS Auxiliary, contact: 240-964-8051