Major Programs

It’s important to us that you know that your contributions are key. Foundation funds are a reliable source of revenue for health system endeavors, supporting UPMC Western Maryland as a well-positioned leader in healthcare now and into the future.

Our Funds


Our capital gifts are structural advancements to better serve patients. Whether it’s advancements to UPMC Western Maryland or the Schwab Family Cancer Center, we look to provide updated services and amenities for all of our patients and our entire staff.

Equipment and Technology

Donations made through the WMHS Foundation help to supply advanced equipment that brings technology closer to home.

In fact, donations can contribute to equipment such as the daVinci Robot–RALS state-of-the-art technology–for less invasive surgery. Robotic surgery results in less pain, shorter recovery times, better outcomes, and more procedures available locally.

Donate Now


We invest in our students so they have a bright future at UPMC Western Maryland.

Scholarships can be designated by the donor to impact a specific healthcare profession or remain unrestricted to meet the most critical needs.

Foundation Scholarship Program

Individual Patient Needs

This fund provides help for patients who need essential, but non-medical assistance. Some patients may need transportation for weekly dialysis or cancer treatments, some cannot afford prescription co-pays, and some even need help with utility payments when illness has rendered them unable to work.