UPMC Western Maryland Patient Portals

Our online patient portals are a quick and handy way to view and plan your UPMC care. Sign up today for free, secure, and convenient online access to your health info anytime, anywhere.

Inpatient and Diagnostic Services Portal

Access your records for inpatient care and diagnostic test results.

This includes care received:

  • During a hospital stay
  • At the Emergency Department
  • At one of our diagnostic center locations
    (This information is also available on the MyUPMC portal if you have a UPMC provider)

This portal does not include data from any doctors’ offices.
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MyUPMC MyUPMC app logo.

MyUPMC is the main patient portal for outpatient care at UPMC Western Maryland.

You can access your health info for:

  • Primary care.
  • Urgent care.
  • Outpatient diagnostic testing.
  • Most specialty practices.

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Behavioral Health Patient Portal

This patient portal provides access to records from outpatient mental health services received at UPMC Western Maryland.

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Still not sure which portal you need? Ask your UPMC doctor or care team.