About the Heart Institute

The UPMC Western Maryland Heart Institute provides both emergency and non-emergency care, including angioplasty, diagnostic cardiac catheterization, and open-heart surgery in one convenient location.

UPMC Western Maryland Heart Institute Cardiovascular Unit (CVU)

The doctors and surgeons in the cardiovascular unit specialize in performing the following procedures

Open-Heart Surgery

An open-heart surgery is any procedure performed on the aorta, arteries, heart muscle, or valves of the heart as well as other large arteries connected to it. You are connected to a bypass pump or a heart-lung bypass machine during the surgery and the surgeon stops the heart for the duration. The machine you are hooked up to does the work normally performed by the heart and lungs by delivering oxygen to the bloodstream, which then moves throughout your body and eliminates carbon dioxide. The most common types of open-heart surgery include heart valve surgery, heart bypass surgery, and surgery to correct heart defects typically present at birth.

Cardio-Thoracic Procedures

Thoracic surgery treats injured or diseased organs in the chest area. In addition to the heart, these could include the lungs, chest wall, diaphragm, esophagus, trachea, mediastinum, and pleura. These complex surgeries require an experienced team of surgeons to perform, which the UPMC Western Maryland Heart Institute provides. Some of the most common conditions for which surgeons perform a cardiothoracic surgery include esophageal cancer, lung cancer, lung disease, and hiatal hernias.

The Heart Institute doctors and nurses monitor you closely following heart surgery to ensure that you don’t develop complications and that you regain your health and strength as soon as possible. The cardiovascular unit has 10 beds, creating a calm, intimate atmosphere for when you’re recovering from  surgery.

While in the cardiovascular unit of the Heart Institute, you have a personalized treatment plan for the time in the hospital and after discharge created by the heart team. While the goal is always quick healing, the provider won’t push you beyond what your body can bear and will adjust treatment plan as necessary. The UPMC Western Maryland heart team welcome the input of you and your close family members at any time.

One-Stop Cardiovascular Unit

After surgery, you are moved to the one-stop cardiovascular unit (CVU) to complete recovery until it’s time for discharge. The CVU at the Heart Institute works with several types of critical cardiac care individuals, in addition to those who have undergone open-heart surgery or had a cardiothoracic procedure performed. Some of the most common procedures individuals come to the CVU to recover from, include continuous renal replacement therapy, intra-aortic balloon pump, and those who have had a heart stent placed.

Besides the excellent quality of care you receive in the CVU, you also enjoy your own private room. The rooms are comfortable for you to complete recovery and spacious enough for loved ones to visit. You are immediately assigned to a team of medical professionals and support staff upon arrival to the CVU. This ensures high-quality and continuous care throughout your stay.

Contact & Location

UPMC Western Maryland Cardiac-Heart Institute
12502 Willowbrook Road
Cumberland, Maryland 21502
Phone: 240-964-8724
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