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WMHS’s Mannick earns cardiac rehab certification


UPMC Western Maryland is proud to congratulate Amanda Mannick, RN, BSN, CCRP, on earning her certification as a Cardiac Rehab Professional.

“The Certified Cardiac Rehabilitation Professional-CCRP credential is the only comprehensive Professional Certification in the Cardiac Rehabilitation specialty field,” said Christine Ruhl, Director of Critical Care Services. “Achieving this certification demonstrates expert knowledge in treatment and educational plans that are individualized based on the specific needs and abilities of each patient. These individualized plans for our patients are critical in helping them achieve a greater functional capacity and improved quality of life after major cardiac events. Amanda demonstrates commitment to high standards and quality in her daily work with our patients and her achievement of this certification is testament to that.”

Amanda, who is a Registered Nurse Clinician III, has worked for WMHS for nine plus years. With this certification she will advance to Nurse Clinician IV. After working in several different areas previously in her career, Amanda said she has found a home in cardiac rehab and undertook earning her certification as a way to increase her knowledge and proficiency in her field.

“I’ve always loved cardiac care. Your heart controls everything in your body, and its function is so important. I just wanted to be the very best I could be at my job. From the first time I came to cardiac rehab, I have loved it. It’s such a unique specialty area. I wanted a better grasp, so I could educate my patients and share knowledge with them.”

The milestone, which makes her the only UPMC Western Maryland employee with this certification, was achieved earlier this month after countless hours of studying and doing practice tests. “Since last September I’ve honestly worked at it every day, most nights and even weekends,” Amanda said. “You should have seen the size of the study guide. It was over 200 pages.”

The three-hour, 140-question test was administered nearby at Allegany College, and thankfully Amanda knew right away she had passed. She immediately sent a text to her boss, Savannah Kenney, Nurse Manager in Cardiology Services.

“I was so excited to hear from her, and I am just so proud,” Savannah said. “I know how hard this was. All of our patients love Amanda and she pours her heart and soul into everything she does. This is just very special. It means she has mastered things like exercise, prescriptions, counseling patients on their diet and the changes patients need to make to minimize the risk of cardiac events.”

Now that Amanda has achieved her certification, Savannah hopes her efforts will begin a trend in the unit. “This certification recognizes professional competency in the field,” she said. “We are just thrilled for Amanda.”