WMHS Home Health Care Helps Patients Recover at Home

The Western Maryland Health System (WMHS) Home Health Care team is passionate about providing the highest quality of care so patients can get back to activities they enjoy. Denise Flett of Bowling Green, Md. experiences the high level of care from the WMHS Home Care team as she heals from her recent procedure.

“They are so thorough, kind, loving, and compassionate,” Flett said. “The nurses are respectful when they come to my home and really take the time to be patient and coach me through my physical therapy and teach me the information I need for my health. They are so understanding and knowledgeable.”

WMHS Home Health Care services should be considered for anyone who has had a recent hospital stay; multiple emergency room visits; is recovering from recent surgery; is undergoing wound care or wound management; has had medication changes or is having difficulty managing medications; has experienced frequent falls or is now requiring more assistance to leave the home; transitioning home from a recent nursing home stay; or is experiencing a decline in physical mobility or increase in limitations.

“If you are recovering from an illness or injury, your physician may recommend home health care to assist you in your return to an active lifestyle,” WMHS Home Health Care Assistant Director Carla Leedy said. “Studies show patients who are able to receive treatment at home, tend to heal more quickly. Refusing home health care after a hospitalization may put a patient at risk of a difficult, incomplete or slower than anticipated recovery.”

The WMHS Home Health Care Team is a comprehensive team of dedicated, skilled practitioners that works closely with the patient’s physician to develop a course of home treatment that is best for the patient. The WMHS Home Health Care Team also works closely with the patient’s family to teach them how to monitor symptoms of illness or maintain treatment. The WMHS Home Health Care team stands ready to assist with a wide variety of skilled care services, including:

  • Clinical assessment and monitoring
  • Medication management
  • Wound care
  • Intravenous therapy
  • Diabetic care and services
  • Cardiac care services
  • Comprehensive patient and caregiver education
  • Therapy services

“Our staff not only provides technical expertise, but also a spirit of compassionate caring and a real desire to help,” Leedy said. “An improvement in our patients’ quality of life is what we strive for each day.”

Flett couldn’t agree more.

“Everyone I’ve worked with at WMHS has been wonderful,” Flett said. “I refer to them all as my medical family. They really are like family to me now.”

If you or a loved one may need WMHS Home Care services, please inform your discharge planner or social worker at the facility, or your physician. If you should have additional questions please feel free to contact the Home Health Care department at 240-964-9101.

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