Hospital Medicine Program

During your stay at UPMC Western Maryland, our team of hospitalists may coordinate your care. Many hospitals across the country use this type of physician—a doctor who is not a patient’s primary care doctor, but who is responsible for the patient’s medical care during a hospital stay.

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Our hospitalists are committed to:

  • Treating you and your family with courtesy and respect
  • Listening carefully to you and your family’s questions and concerns
  • Explaining all conditions and care in a way that you can understand
  • Striving to meet and exceed your expectations for high-quality care during your stay

About Hospitalists

Sometimes called inpatient physicians, a hospitalist is a physician who focuses exclusively on the care of hospitalized patients. Our hospitalists are available around the clock to provide ongoing and immediate care. We partner with your primary care physician to provide quality care during your hospital stay.

Hospitalist Program

During admission, our hospitalist team is in charge of your care and will see you daily, or more often as needed. Our hospitalist will direct your care, discuss treatment options, answer questions, obtain consultations when needed, monitor test results, and quickly respond to changes in condition. We want to keep you and your family informed, so please ask a nurse to contact the hospitalist whenever you want to discuss your care.

The hospitalist will work closely with your primary care physician, as well as any other needed specialists to coordinate care during your stay. Your primary care physician will be kept informed about your progress and may consult with the hospitalist or other specialists during your stay.

After Discharge

After discharge, you will return to the care of your physician. If you do not have a primary care physician, the hospitalist will assist you in finding a primary care physician who will provide follow-up care.


We believe that you and your family will appreciate that our hospitalists:

  • Are accessible around the clock during your hospital stay
  • Are available to answer any questions that you or your family may have
  • Respond quickly to changes in your condition or to adjust treatment based on test results
  • Work closely with your primary care physician, surgeon, and other specialists to coordinate medical services specific to your needs

Please share any comments and questions with UPMC Western Maryland hospitalists, or call 240-964-8564.