Lung Disease Management

The Lung Disease Clinic at the Western Maryland Health System Center for Clinical Resources is staffed by respiratory therapists who provide you with one-on-one education and support to help you manage your lung disease. Any time you visit the Lung Disease Clinic, you are always welcome to bring a support person with you.

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The Lung Disease Management Team

Our respiratory therapists work with your physician and serve as another set of “eyes and ears.” Nurse practitioners and pharmacists also are available in the Lung Disease Clinic to assist you with managing your medications. The team uses videos, printed materials, and hands-on instruction to help you understand:

  • Your respiratory system and your disease process
  • How your medications work and how to use them properly
  • The signs and symptoms of a flare up and how to manage it most effectively

The respiratory therapists can assist you with questions or issues you may have with your respiratory equipment, such as home oxygen, CPAP, nebulizers, inhalers, etc. They also can provide education and other related resources to help you quit smoking.

Once you are established in the Lung Disease Clinic, the therapists are available to answer your questions and can even help you with a flare-up, especially if your physician is not available.

For more information about how the Lung Disease Clinic at the WMHS Center for Clinical Resources can help you, please call 240-964-8787.

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