Diabetes Management

If you have diabetes, the team at the UPMC Western Maryland Center for Clinical Resources can be your partner in keeping your diabetes under control and living life to the fullest. Our team is a knowledgeable source for education and information about diabetes self-management.

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Whether you are newly diagnosed or seem to constantly struggle with your diabetes, the team will tailor a plan to meet your individual needs. Our team works closely with your primary care provider to promote your overall good health. They also can help you navigate the healthcare system and coordinate your care.

The team can show you how to monitor your blood sugar, teach you how to make dietary and lifestyle changes to control your diabetes, help manage your medication, and provide encouragement and motivation along the way.

For more information about what the Diabetes Management team at the UPMC Western Maryland Center for Clinical Resources can do for you, talk with your primary care provider or call the Center at 240-964-8787.

Diabetes Resources

Living Well with Diabetes

A group education program, Living Well with Diabetes, covers the many aspects of diabetes self-management and glycemic control. It’s an enjoyable day filled with practical information and tools you can use daily to make managing your diabetes easier. The teaching team includes a certified diabetes care and education specialist, nurse, registered dietitians, pharmacists, and a Wellness Coach/Activity Instructor.

Morning Session

  • Understanding the diabetes process and treatment options
  • Monitoring blood glucose and using your results
  • Preventing, detecting and treating acute and chronic complications
  • Developing personal strategies to address personal issues or concerns
  • Incorporating nutritional management into your lifestyle
  • Developing personal strategies for a healthy lifestyle


  • A healthy lunch will be provided

Afternoon Session

  • Incorporating physical activity into your lifestyle
  • Using medications safely and for the maximum therapeutic benefit

A family member or support person is welcome to attend with you. This program is approved by the American Diabetes Association and is offered each month. PCP referral is required.

Individual sessions may be offered if unable to attend group program due to barriers such as poor vision or hearing, learning disabilities, or physical limitations which make group environment difficult.

Call 240-964-8787 for Program Schedule.

Please note: This program is covered by most insurance plans. When calling for pre-authorization with your insurer, please use these codes for Diabetes Self-Management Training: G0109 – Diabetes Outpatient Self-Management training services, group session (2 or more) per 30 minutes.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Another important resource is medical nutrition therapy (MNT). Provided by a registered dietitian, it includes working on behavioral or lifestyle changes and individualized meal planning. PCP referral is required.

For more information about these programs, please call the UPMC Western Maryland Center for Clinical Resources at 240-964-8787 or talk with your primary care provider. All services at the Center for Clinical Resources require a physician referral.