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Pete Lippold named 2019 WMHS Pinnacle Award winner


Western Maryland Health System President and CEO Barry Ronan presents Pete Lippold with the 2019 Pinnacle Award, honoring him as the 2019 WMHS Employee of the Year.

Western Maryland Health System [UPMC Western Maryland] recently honored Pete Lippold with the Pinnacle Award, recognizing him as Employee of the Year. The Pinnacle award honors the WMHS employee who best demonstrates core values, provides service excellence, contributes to meeting the challenge of healthcare change and shows specific accomplishments that exceed normal expectations.

Lippold was selected from a group of 12 candidates who had been selected as employee of the month. As a member of the WMHS Food & Nutrition team, Lippold consistently goes above and beyond for his coworkers and every customer who comes through the WMHS cafeteria. He always makes sure there are enough team members scheduled so they can provide the best service possible to WMHS cafeteria customers. He always has a smile and a kind word ready, even if he’s working a long shift for a special event. He goes out of his way to make sure customers get the food they want, often firing up a pan to cook it right there himself.

His leadership and ability to set the culture of service and satisfaction in his department are evident to all. In addition, his great sense of humor and ability to remain calm and positive under stressful circumstances sets the tone for his entire team, and has, many times, gotten them through major events and unexpected challenges. He makes the work environment a joyful experience.

Lippold shares his cooking skills every day with his team and every customer who enjoys food from the WMHS cafeteria through his creative dishes. His dedication to the Food & Nutrition team shows every day in his generosity, kindness and humor. He truly cares for what matters most.