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2016 Recipients of Values in Action Award


Hannah Corcoran, December 2016 Recipient

Congratulations to Hannah Corcoran, the Values in Action Award winner for the month of December. An employee since April 2013, Hannah is a Behavioral Health Case Manager in Outpatient Behavioral Health Services.

Hannah is an outstanding member of the Behavioral Health team. She approaches her work with an upbeat, positive attitude and a can-do spirit. She is a great team player who often finishes her assigned work and then helps out other providers as needed. Hannah consistently displays a patient-centered sensibility and is always willing to help patients connect with appropriate community resources. Her most valuable contribution is her commitment to keeping communication flowing between the staff, co-workers, patients, and their families.

Hannah is a splendid example of Service Excellence and her tireless effort reflects the WMHS Core Values.

Tracy Stewart, November 2016 Recipient

Congratulations to Tracy Stewart, the Values in Action Award winner for the month of November. Employed by the Health System since June 2014, Tracy is a Housekeeping Aide in the Environmental Services Department.

Tracy takes ownership of her assigned area and takes pride in keeping her patient rooms clean. Co-workers comment that Tracy often goes the extra mile to ensure that patients and families have all of the “little extras” they need, many of which may not even be EVS-related. Just one example of this was shared recently while Patient Advocates, Robert and Jo Jo Appel, were rounding. A patient’s husband pointed in the hallway, saying, “See that girl out there? She is wonderful! She makes sure that my wife’s room is clean and she goes out of her way to make her feel special. She even checks on me to see if I need a cup of coffee or a newspaper!”

Tracy is very respectful and is a real team player. She is a shining example of Service Excellence and embodies the WMHS Core Values.

Josh Savage, October 2016 Recipient

Congratulations to Josh Savage, recipient of the Values in Action Award for the month of October. A WMHS employee since 2003, Josh is described as a true and natural leader in the Emergency Department. As a charge nurse on the night-shift, he sets a high standard of performance for the staff and co-workers in his unit.

Josh encourages his team and provides valuable feedback so that they may continue to grow as professionals. He often leads by example and is respectful of everyone he comes in contact with. Through his experience, he has developed a wide knowledge base and skill set which he shares with others in order to build the department as a whole.

Josh consistently works to identify solutions to issues. His positive attitude, kindness, willingness to share his knowledge, and commitment to WMHS ED are unmatched. He is a role model, a team player, and a true reflection of the WMHS Core Values!

Jennifer Garrison, September 2016 Recipient

Congratulations to Jennifer Garrison, recipient of the WMHS Values in Action Award for the month of September. Employed with WMHS since 1981, Jennifer is the Navigator/Registrar at the Center for Clinical Resources.

She goes above and beyond in every aspect of her job and she does this in a manner of grace and dignity. She treats patients with honor and respect, as well as her co-workers. Jennifer is the go-to person in the CCR when issues arise with Meditech or eCW. She is constantly troubleshooting and working to improve the patient flow process not only to benefit our patients but to help the staff as well.

She assists with the “Sunshine Fund,” which is a kitty the staff has to make sure all co-workers are recognized during nurses, pharmacist, respiratory therapist, and secretary’s week. Jennifer is an excellent employee and truly exemplifies the Core Values of the WMHS.

Caitlin Martin, August 2016 Recipient

Congratulations to Caitlin Martin, winner of the WMHS Values in Action Award for the month of August.

An employee since 2013, Caitlin is a nurse in the Cardiovascular Unit (CVU). She is an excellent caregiver and a true team player with a positive attitude and compassion for everyone she meets.

Co-workers say Caitlin is always smiling and more than ready to help out when needed. She will often anticipate the needs of others and takes a proactive approach to her nursing care. Caitlin brings a breath of fresh air and an attitude of accountability, respect, and integrity to her work in the CVU.

She goes out of her way to make her patients feel very special. Caitlin is always there to offer support and to empathize with patients and their families. Whether its a birthday card, balloons, or a “Get Well Soon” sign, she takes care of the little things that mean so much to the patients in her care. Caitlin is a valuable asset to WMHS and a great example of service excellence and Core Values.

John Lapid, July 2016 Recipient

Congratulations to John Lapid, recipient of the WMHS Values in Action Award for the month of July.

Employed since 1992, John is the Clinical Coordinator for Physical Therapy in the Home Care Department. John goes above and beyond in every situation, displaying a positive outlook.

John is a tireless and compassionate advocate for the needs of the home care patients and staff. He is a mentor to others, always lending a hand for the better of the department. John is efficient, innovative, respectful and compassionate in his everyday interactions. He is usually the “go-to” person for his department and never refuses to help out even when his schedule is full.

He is always looking to streamline the processes in Physical Therapy, from a better way to handle therapy mileage, completing paperwork in a timely fashion and making discharges more efficient. John is an extraordinary example of Service Excellence and a genuine role model for the WMHS Core Values!

Sheryl Smith, June 2016 Recipient

Congratulations to Sheryl Smith, recipient of the WMHS Values in Action Award for the month of June. An employee since 2012, Sheryl is an ED Tech and a valued member of the Emergency Department team. She consistently portrays a positive attitude, is committed to doing her best, and goes out of her way to assist her co-workers and patients.

Co-workers say Sheryl is very engaged in the department and regularly makes suggestions for process improvement. She often goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide a positive ER experience for the patients she cares for. Sheryl always has a smile on her face and a kind word to offer to all.

Her supervisor says Sheryl is always on the move and requires very little direction. She never hesitates to jump in to help get the job done. She is a team player who uses her skills to keep the unit clean by offering assistance to others to accomplish more together. Sheryl is a role model and a true reflection of the WMHS Core Values!

Angela Lipscomb, May 2016 Recipient

Congratulations to Angela Lipscomb, recipient of the WMHS Values in Action Award for the month of May. Employed since 1992, she is a nurse clinician in OB/Labor and Delivery.

Co-workers describe her as the “poster girl” for Service Excellence. As a night shift staff member, Angela makes the best use of her patient interactions and time in order to promote a quiet, healing environment. She is extremely knowledgeable about any and all areas of the perinatal unit and ensures that the education and explanations given to patient and family are completely comprehended before discharge.

She is respectful of all and holds others accountable to do the same. Angela continually works to make things better for her patients, their families, the physicians and the staff. As the unit’s scheduling coordinator, she spends a great deal of time developing the monthly schedules to assure that all guidelines and rules are met so as to be totally fair to each person. Angela is an invaluable member of her team and a true reflection of the WMHS Core Values!

Cindy Wilson, April 2016 Recipient

Congratulations to Cindy Wilson, recipient of the WMHS Values in Action Award for the month of April. Employed with WMHS since 2001 and Trivergent since 2014, Cindy is the Clinical Coordinator for Employee Health.

Known for coming to work early and is usually the last one to leave, Cindy goes above and beyond to meet the needs of our employees. It is not uncommon to see her throughout the hospital or traveling to locations within the community to ensure that our staff and physicians are vaccinated and/or PPDs are checked. On numerous occasions, she has been known to personally assist employees who were struggling to pay for a prescription from a physician.

Cindy was instrumental in the inception of the “Mass Flu Clinic,” bringing the idea back from a conference that she had attended. Five years later, and with the help of many people, this annual flu clinic continues to be strong and serves as our annual Disaster Preparedness drill. Cindy truly takes our Core Values to heart and is a true model for Service Excellence.

Gay Twigg, March 2016 Recipient

Congratulations to Gay Twigg, recipient of the WMHS Values in Action Award for the month of March.

Employed since 2008, Gay is a nurse who works in the Inpatient Behavioral Health unit. She is described by co-workers as an invaluable member of the team and she goes out of her way to make sure the patients in her care are treated with dignity and respect.

Very organized and always well-prepared for her co-workers and the oncoming shift, Gay is often willing to stay over to lend a hand whenever the need arises. Her compassion and generosity are evident not only to her team, but to her patients, their families, and her co-workers for whom she goes above and beyond to advocate for the best care available.

She exemplifies the WMHS Core Values and is a true role model for Service Excellence.

Lisa Hout, February 2016 Recipient

Congratulations to Lisa Hout, winner of the Values in Action Award for the month of February.

An employee since 2004, Lisa is the Senior Development Officer for the WMHS Foundation.

She is recognized for setting the standard for organizational culture. Lisa is blessed with extraordinary communication skills as well as a remarkable perseverance, resourcefulness, focus and endless kindness. Her genuine concern, faith, and respect for others lead her to be both responsive and to anticipate needs.

Lisa is a tireless advocate for our patients and co-workers who does not stop working until the mission is accomplished. She is a pleasure to work with and exemplifies the WMHS Core Values and serves as a true role model for Service Excellence.

June Ward, January 2016 Recipient

The WMHS Values in Action Award recipient for the month of January is June Ward from Human Resources.

Employed since 1987 with WMHS and with Trivergent since 2014, June is the Benefits Analyst in the Human Resources department. Putting her customers first, June’s co-workers describe her as helpful, efficient and the “go-to” person for benefits at WMHS. She goes above and beyond, working extra hours as needed, to assure that systems and processes are administered in an easy to understand and use manner. She makes sure that she thorough understands any changes that are made so that she can easily assist employees.

June makes improvement suggestions, attempts to anticipate issues and concerns, and follows up to make sure that any of the inevitable “glitches” are resolved quickly. June exemplifies the WMHS Core Values and is a true role model for Service Excellence. Congratulations!

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