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2014 Recipients of Values in Action Award


Leona McTaggart, December 2014 Recipient

Congratulations to Leona McTaggart for being the recipient of the December 2014 WMHS Values in Action Award.

An employee since last year, Leona is an outstanding team player who has brought a whole new meaning to the word “activities.” She is described as infectiously positive and upbeat, and her enthusiasm she has energized her entire department. Leona’s interactions with the residents of the facility reflect compassion and concern for their well-being and happiness. She has brought some innovative ideas and concepts to the FNRC environment.

Co-workers say Leona is very organized and has been successful in engaging not only residents but the staff and family members into the activity programming. She consistently sees opportunities rather than barriers when it comes to coordinating activities and events that bring joy to the residents’ day. Leona is a sparkling example of Service Excellence and the Core Values at WMHS.

Kevin Niemeyer, August 2014 Recipient

Congratulations to Kevin Niemeyer from Biomedical Engineering, for being selected WMHS Values in Action Award winner for the month of August.

An employee since 1993, Kevin is a vital member of the Biomed team. He is an excellent technician who schedules his day (literally) around surgical cases and the needs of the Peri-operative staff. Kevin also coordinates vendor-assisted work and required preventive maintenance. He consistently rounds through the OR departments to ensure there are no items requiring additional follow-up.

Kevin’s communication with staff and his commitment to keeping surgical equipment in excellent operational condition has earned him the respect and appreciation of the entire hospital staff. Co-workers describe him as dedicated, highly-skilled, attentive, hard-working and very reliable. Kevin is a wonderful example of Service Excellence and a true reflection of the Core Values.

Jeff Hobbs, November 2014 Recipient

Congratulations to Jeff Hobbs, Charge Nurse in the Emergency Department, for being selected as the recipient of the November 2014 WMHS Values and Action Award.

Employed by the Health System for seven years, Jeff’s coworkers describe him as well-respected and a highly experienced clinician. Leading by example, he shows fairness and understanding toward the respect to the ED staff, patients, and families. Jeff’s calm, steady leadership style provides stability in the ED’s frequently chaotic environment.

His nursing experience in the ED and with the Clinical Resource team provides a deep level of clinical knowledge which he freely shares with his coworkers. Jeff is an Aggression Management Instructor for WMHS, as well as a WMHS Trauma Course Instructor. He serves his community as a captain of his local volunteer fire company and is an active EMT. Jeff is a shining example of Service Excellence and a true demonstration of the Core Values.

Kim Jackson, October 2014 Recipient

Congratulations to Kim Jackson, Medical Social Worker in Care Coordination, for being selected as the recipient of the October Values in Action Award.

An employee since 1980, Kim is an outstanding member of the WMHS team who consistently goes above and beyond his job duties for the patients that he directly serves. He works tirelessly to make sure his patients in the Dialysis Department have transportation, food, medications, and financial support and assistance. Kim volunteers to help his co-workers on a daily basis and everyone knows that they can pick up the phone if they need help at a moment’s notice.

His caring, kind, and compassionate nature are genuine assets and he treats everyone with the utmost courtesy and respect. Kim is a great listener and is never forceful in his demeanor. Co-workers describe him as reliable, thorough, considerate and very resourceful. He is a mentor and the go-to person for the entire department.

Earlier this year, Kim was honored as the Social Worker of the Year by the Western Maryland AHEC Social Work Caucus for Allegany and Garrett counties.

Barbara Lamberson, September 2014 Recipient

Congratulations to Barbara Lamberson, from Clinics and Practices, for being selected as the recipient of the September 2014 WMHS Values in Action Award. Employed by the health system for 12 years, Barb is a vital team member of the WMHS GI/General Surgery practice.

According to surgeon Dr. Birat Dhungel, “Barb is loved by the patients at my office. She is hardworking and goes beyond her regular duties to make sure things run smoothly. She is peerless, not only as a secretary but also as my coding/billing specialist. I am amazed as to how someone can so quickly not just learn, but master, surgical codes after working with GI codes for a long time. Barb’s work ethics are unparalleled. She exemplifies great foresight and thoughtfulness for the office where she works.”

Barb is a shining example of Service Excellence and a true demonstration of the Core Values.

Jane Adams, July 2014 Recipient

Congratulations to Jane Adams, the Performance Improvement/Staff Education Coordinator for Home Hospice, for being selected as the WMHS Values in Action Award winner for the month of July.

Employed with the health system since 2001, she is a vital member of the team. Jane’s co-workers say she has a gentle and caring way about her that promotes healing and comfort to the broken-hearted, calming the storms of emotions that are present when a loved one is dying. She is calm in the midst of chaotic and stressful situations and is always offering a kind and encouraging word to everyone around her.

Jane does many things outside of her patient assignment, quietly from her heart. This includes bereavement visits or calls not on her schedule for months after a patient’s death and taking favorite foods to patients and caregivers. Jane is a mentor and is flexible in scheduling, striving to always meet the department’s needs. She is sensitive and supportive of coworkers and is an active member of Parish Nursing.

Jane is a shining example of Service Excellence and a true demonstration of the Core Values. It has been said that when assigning Jane as a patient’s primary nurse, both patient and family are receiving a true gift!

Adalee Rice, June 2014 Recipient

Congratulations to Adalee Rice, the unit secretary from the inpatient Behavioral Health Unit, for being selected as the WMHS Values in Action Award winner for the month of June.

Employed at WMHS since 1978, Adalee is an outstanding employee and a very efficient unit secretary. She is a team player with a positive attitude who makes sure every staff member is prepared for their challenging work. in addition to assisting in their training, she follows up with extra support and encouragement that helps reinforce their future success.

Adalee takes our patient’s best interests and well-being to heart. She is friendly and helpful to patients and is sincere when talking with them. She allows them to vent their feelings and never looks down on you or turns away when you have a question. Adalee actively participates and contributes to patient care planning and discharge. She is always willing to step in and perform patient safety rounds or pass out snack if the unit is busy or short-staffed.

When something needs to get done, Adalee knows who to call and how to get things accomplished. Co-workers describe her as dependable, trustworthy, caring and a pleasure to work with. She exemplifies the health system’s Core Values by performing her daily duties with pride and dignity.

Lois Cook, May 2014 Recipient

Congratulations to Lois Cook, from Information Technology, for being selected as the WMHS Values in Action Award winner for the month of May.

An employee with 43 years of dedicated service, she is a clinical analyst in the health system’s IT Department. Lois is an excellent employee with impeccable clinical skills and has a vast wealth of knowledge in both the nursing and IT fields. She is a consummate professional and a tremendous asset to the health system and her department. Lois trained and worked as a registered nurse in a variety of units at WMHS before joining IT in 2007.

Her positive attitude and superb communication skills help her develop strong working relationships with the nursing units and departments she works with. Co-workers describe Lois as personable, innovative, organized and thoughtful. A physician co-worker who nominated Lois for this award, says she is a proven problem-solver and called her “Our Miracle Worker!”

Randy Leatherman, April 2014 Recipient

Congratulations to Randy Leatherman, RN, a nurse in the Clinical Resource Team/PACU, for being selected as the WMHS Values in Action Award winner for the month of April.

An employee since 2003, Randy is an outstanding caregiver and a team player with an upbeat personality and his winning smile puts everyone at ease. He gets many compliments and appreciative comments from patients and families for the attentive care he provides.

Co-workers describe him as friendly, courteous, flexible and very organized. Randy is an excellent role model for newer nurses and he takes service excellence to a higher level. He is a true shining star and is a glowing example of the WMHS Core Values in action.

Pam Mallow, March 2014 Recipient

Congratulations to Pam Mallow, from the Pulmonary Physicians practice, for being selected as the WMHS Values in Action Award winner for the month of March.

An employee since 2009, Pam is the secretary/biller in a very busy office in the MAC. She is an excellent employee with a positive attitude and a pleasant, caring nature. Pam is very courteous to our patients and always helpful. She is very organized and keeps the office running smoothly. She has helped out in each and every part of the office, and she is the go-to person for almost every issue. Pam has a wonderful sense of humor, and when things get stressful, she always has a way of making the staff smile or laugh and makes it easier to get through the day.

Co-workers describe her as diligent, respectful, hard-working and thoughtful. Pam has the respect of her co-workers and the medical staff. She is a shining example of our Core Values and a model for Service Excellence.

Jennifer Perrin, February 2014 Recipient

Congratulations to Jennifer Perrin, from the Center for Clinical Resources, for being selected as the WMHS Values in Action Award winner for the month of February.

She has been employed since 2001 and is the diabetes coordinator in the Center for Clinical Resources. As a registered dietitian with Food and Nutrition Services, Jennifer has been on the cutting edge of the latest diabetes information and advances. She served as the coordinator and driving force behind the Diabetes Self-Management Training Program and became a certified diabetes educator (CDE) as the program grew. In 2012, Jennifer was honored as the registered dietitian of the year by the Western Maryland AHEC Dietetic Caucus.

She is an outstanding employee who works very hard to ensure the success of the diabetes program at WMHS. Jennifer has a positive attitude and unparalleled empathy for her patients. Co-workers describe her as compassionate, kind-hearted, dedicated and well-respected. She is an excellent service excellence role model and a shining example of the WMHS Core Values in action in everything she does.

Kelly Cessna, January 2014 Recipient

Congratulations to Kelly Cessna, RN, from ICU for being selected as the WMHS Values in Action Award winner for the month of January.

An employee since June 1975, Kelly brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her unit. Co-workers recognize her as a “premiere resource” and an inspiration to others. Her talent and skills not only benefit her co-workers but her patients and their families as well. The Intensive Care Unit is a unit where lives are impacted in minutes, and Kelly makes those minutes matter.

Kelly is an excellent role model for service excellence and a glowing example of the WMHS Core Values in action. She is a tireless patient advocate and is respected by her co-workers and medical staff. She is a valuable asset to the ICU and WMHS.

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