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2010 Recipients of Values in Action Award


Yvette Jackson, December 2010 Recipient

Congratulations to Yvette Jackson, from 7 North, on being named December’s Values in Action Award winner.

Yvette has been an employee for two years. A CNA, Yvette always has a smile on her face and is well liked by her patients and their families. Almost every thank you note that 7 South receives mentions Yvette and how helpful she was.

Congratulations, Yvette!

Richard Baer, November 2010 Recipient

Congratulations to Richard Baer, from CIRU, on being named the recipient of the WMHS Values in Action Award for the month of November.

An employee with 4 years experience, Richard has expertise in patient handling and makes his patients feel more confident with maneuvering around their unit.

Congratulations, Richard.

Amy Hansel, October 2010 Recipient

Congratulations to Amy Hansel, RN, from the Progressive Care Unit (PCU), on being named October’s Values in Action Award winner.

An employee since 2002, Amy is a great nurse and a team player who is a valuable resource for the PCU. Co-workers say she is caring, accurate, concise and a tireless advocate for her patients.

Congratulations, Amy!

Vicki Foutz, September 2010 Recipient

Congratulations to Vicki Foutz, Home Care Department, on being named September’s Values in Action Award winner.

Vicki has been an employee for 16 years. She does a great job of keeping the computers running for Home Care and is also available during off hours to help her co-workers with computer problems.

Congratulations, Vicki.

Megan Brown, August 2010 Recipient

Congratulations to Occupational Therapy Assistant Megan Brown on being named August’s Values in Action Award winner.

Megan has been an employee for 7 years. She always explains procedures, offers support and shares community resources with patients and their families. Megan works well with her co-workers and supports the interdisciplinary team when providing care to her patients.

Congratulations, Megan!

Emma Brashear, July 2010 Recipient

An employee for 21 years, Emma was selected as the WMHS Values in Action recipient for the month of July.

She works in Community Health and Wellness at the health system, where she is a tireless and compassionate advocate for all of her clients, especially those who lack the resources for a reasonable quality of life.

She has a high regard for the dignity and worth of each person and is committed to our mission of improving the health status of our community.

Congratulations, Emma!

Justin Carr, June 2010 Recipient

Justin was selected as the WMHS Values in Action Award winner for the month of June. He works as a distribution and receiving technician in the health system’s warehouse.

An employee since 2007, Justin was a key player in setting up and maintaining our PAR systems on the nursing units both at Braddock Hospital and at the new hospital. He is a valuable asset to the Materials Management Department.

Justin always displays a positive and professional attitude and does everything he can to make his “customers” on the nursing units very satisfied.

Congratulations, Justin!

Lisa Jackson, May 2010 Recipient

An employee for 15 years, Lisa was selected as the WMHS Values in Action Award recipient for the month of May. She is an operating room tech in Perioperative Services and works with Drs. Nelson and Deb on open heart surgeries and other procedures. Lisa has an excellent working relationship with the surgeons, her co-workers, and the other departments she deals with in coordinating patient care. According to a co-worker who nominated her, “It’s obvious in everything she says and does that our patients are her number one priority.” Lisa is a very knowledgeable resource and is dedicated to improving patient outcomes.

Congratulations, Lisa!

Devon Corle, April 2010 Recipient

An employee since 2003, Devon was selected as the WMHS Values in Action Award recipient for the month of April. She is a nurse in the float pool in Nursing Services. Devon is an excellent clinician and a team player who goes out of her way to help patients and co-workers. She has a great, upbeat attitude and a positive work ethic. Devon remains calm in emergency situations and upholds the WMHS service excellence standards and core values at all times. Co-workers described her as thoughtful, meticulous, caring, and very polite. She is an outstanding role model and mentor to new nursing staff and she is very knowledgeable about pediatric nursing procedures.

Congratulations Devon!

Glenda Nealis, March 2010 Recipient

An employee with 10 years of experience, Glenda was selected as the WMHS Values in Action Award recipient for the month of March. She works as an aide in the Dietary Department, where her catering skills are a valuable asset. Glenda is an outstanding employee with a friendly, outgoing nature and a can-do attitude. She is very organized and pays attention to the smallest details. Glenda is a team player and a good communicator who is described by co-workers as helpful, reliable, courteous, and very supportive. She is an advocate for our customers and her colleagues, welcoming new employees by taking the time to show them how to do things the right way.

Congratulations Glenda!

Laura Livingston, February 2010 Recipient

An employee since 1996, Laura was selected as the WMHS Values in Action Award winner for the month of February. She is a physical therapy assistant in the Physical Therapy Department. Laura is an excellent employee who displays compassion and a genuine concern for the patients in her care. She has a positive attitude and her thoughtful, gentle nature provides great comfort to both patients and staff alike. Laura is a Service Excellence Champion and a great role model for others.

Congratulations Laura!

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