WMHS Foundation Stories: There’s No Place Like Home

Three years ago Ardtha Richards was a nursing home resident with congestive heart failure and chronic kidney disease. Respiratory failure had led to serious fluid overload and several hospitalizations. She was referred to the WMHS Center for Clinical Resources (CCR), where staff developed a personalized, comprehensive care plan. Weekly visits found them looking forward to Ardtha’s smiling face.

Son Brad says, “The CCR staff gave us hope that Mom could be helped. They were an answer to prayer.” Today, at 87, Ardtha has lost 60 pounds of fluid weight and no longer needs oxygen. Perhaps best of all, she is living at home, able to go to church and out to dinner, and enjoy sitting on her own front porch. What do any of us want more than the comfort, familiarity, and independence of living in our own home?

The WMHS Center for Clinical Resources is a multi-faceted team of highly skilled professionals who treat individuals — without cost to the patient — for chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart failure, COPD, medication management, and blood thinning issues. Patient and family response has been tremendous; and results are undeniable: healthier patients who are home more and hospitalized less. The CCR’s motto is “Helping you live the life you love.” And they do.

Chronic illness can be a financial, emotional, and physical hardship. WMHS treats patients regardless of their ability to pay, and the WMHS Foundation has a special fund to help individuals who may not be able to meet their medical, prescription, and/or life needs.

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