UPMC Western Maryland Nurses- Meet Jennifer


Jennifer Suter, RN, Stroke Coordinator | UPMC Western Maryland

A lot of things you can’t fix, especially in my job with stroke . . . a lot of times stroke is just horrifying and you can’t fix the damage that’s been done. But what you can do is be there for the family and educate the family. It’s just as important to help them learn what causes stroke and learn the risk factors so they don’t have to go through the same thing. And I’ll also do the education for the patient so I’ll go to each patient’s bedside and sit down with them and talk about their risk factors, if they have high blood pressure, high cholesterol. Whatever it is that got them to this point, to begin with. I help them find a way to start over again and maybe get those things under control.

So it’s really just full circle nursing, it’s holistic care.


Nancy Adams, Senior VP/COO, and Chief,  Nurse Executive

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