WMHS Nurses – Meet Amber


Amber Hare, RN,  Nurse Manager | WMHS

 “The Wedding Song”

The one patient that really – he’s the one that stays on my mind because towards the end he was on a life support machine but he was able to be awake if you allowed the sedation to come off. So for his daughter, I took the sedation off and I gave them that moment to themselves and she played the wedding song she danced to with her father at the wedding. And that’s something that has always been dear to me because I was able to give that back to that family.

I love what I do . . . when you reach that, there’sn othing I would ever do that would give me this feeling, ever. That makes me the proudest.


Nancy Adams, Senior VP/COO, and Chief,  Nurse Executive

At the heart of the Western Maryland Health System are nurses with boundless emotional support, and unconditional devotion, for every patient every day.