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Randy Leatherman, RN  Nurse Manager, SDS, PACU, PAT | UPMC Western Maryland

“The Wedding Guest”

I had a gentleman come in who was extremely sick. Every night I’d come into work he’d say is Randy on. They’d say he’s on and he’s like I want him. I kept cheering Bud on, supporting him, strengthening him. Believe it or not through all that he strengthened me as well. And I remember one of those nights, he started to get a little bit better, he looked at me and he said brother, he said if I make it out of here, he said I’ll be at your wedding. And I was kind of hesitant because I knew he was bad. He did get discharged, went to a rehab facility. At the beginning of the wedding, I was standing up front, with all of my groomsmen and I looked back and lo and behold, there he was walking through the back door with his first lady on his arm.

After the ceremony, he gave me the biggest hug and just cried, and I cried too. And he looked at me and said miracles do happen. And he looked at me and said miracles do happen and I said yes brother they do.


Nancy Adams, Senior VP/COO, and Chief,  Nurse Executive

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