Terry Stephens – UPMC Western Maryland Advisory Board


My attraction to the Western Maryland Regional Health System is that they have a focus on trying to keep people healthy and keep them out of the hospital. I’m a wellness guy and I believe that the best healthcare is when you can stay out of the hospital.

My experience is that people here are very dedicated, very knowledgeable and that they want the people of western Maryland and nearby West Virginia to live healthier lives. I think [UPMC Western Maryland] is positioning itself well for the future. I think they have a broad perspective of what the region needs.

If it wasn’t for [UPMC Western Maryland] I feel that our region would lack a lot of things. This health system has a focus on being involved in wellness programs. Throughout the region they provide excellent care, they bring in some top doctors. I believe [UPMC Western Maryland] measures up very well against any regional hospital and hospitals of its size.