Sheryl Brown – UPMC Western Maryland Gift Shop Volunteer


I get more than I give basically. It’s great to see the families and everyone who comes into the gift shop you realize that you’re part of a larger group and sometimes you’re very blessed, you go home feeling that you’ve helped somebody and it just gives you a great feeling. In the gift shop we get many different people, you know, whether they’re waiting for test results or they’re just coming in to visit someone.

There was one time when there was a family and you could tell that they didn’t have a lot of money and they were looking at the balloons because someone just had walked out with balloons and they wanted to get their grandmother a balloon but couldn’t afford it so the other girls and I put in money and got them a bunch of balloons that they could take to their grandmother. They were so happy. They, you know, were running out and they were proud to walk out the door with their balloons on their arm and it made me feel good.