Shannon Sprenkle – WMHS Nurse Practitioner


I actually moved away from Cumberland initially when I finished my respiratory degree and I lived in Tennessee, right outside of Knoxville, Tennessee. Our hospital was affiliated with the University of Tennessee and that hospital was very small and everything kind of got sent to a bigger University. That’s not the case here. We do a lot of high tech stuff with the advanced ICU.  We have a lot of specialties to offer patients. It’s in a small town but we have a lot of the amenities that larger hospitals have.

I learn from patients every day. I always find out something new but one of the biggest things that I have learned from a patient is that never think you know how somebody’s feeling or assume that you know. Really, if you get to know the patient and they’re able to open up with you, you’ll probably be surprised. If it wasn’t for Western Maryland Health System, I feel that a lot of people would go without good care in the community. Our goal is just to give good care and to get you in and out as quickly as possible.