Patsy Koontz – WMHS Community Outreach Liaison


The moment that I felt I chose the right hospital was coincidentally my second day on the job. I was over in the Medical Arts Center Building and I was on the elevator with a lady who was breathing a sigh of relief as she was headed out. I said “it’ll be better you know you’re leaving now” and she said, “oh no, this is a wonderful place.” She said, “I am not even from this area but, I travel to come here.” She said “I have never been to a more caring, compassionate facility” and she said, “I have told my family if anything ever happens to me take me to Western Maryland Health System.”

Every single experience I’ve had at Western Maryland Health System, which has really been more with family members fortunately than with me (I have not been a patient here), but I would say it was such a kind and caring staff. Several years ago, my daughter was in here for over a week and this was when she was smaller. It was a very boring week and I remember the nurse taking tape and taping out hopscotch on the floor just to get her up and moving. That’s just one example,  but now that I work here and I see it every day. I’m in the hallways, I see it in the cafeteria, I run into people in the elevator who just voluntarily share with me their story about why they come here and it makes me very very proud to be a part of this organization because it truly is a caring group of people and an institution that really wants to and continue to invest and enhance the patient care.