Nunzio Barbera – WMHS Heart Institute Patient


They made me feel so comfortable, it was not a hard recovery whatsoever.  I would recommend Western Maryland Hospital to anyone that had a heart problem.  They’re very professional, dedicated to detail and their whole purpose is to make you comfortable. They were always happy and cheerful and were always polite and courteous and what truly impressed me was how courteous and polite they were to one another.  You know when you’re in the hospital, you hate to press that button because you’ve got an itch or you got a twist or something. Not once did I feel that I was imposing on them, they would come in cheerfully. I’d say, “I hate to bother you but I just got this and they would say “don’t worry about it,” you know and “I will take care it.” They made me very comfortable and relaxed and I truly want to thank all the nurses for all their caring and their concerns and putting up with me as a patient.  If they only knew how pleased I was with every one of them, every one of them were so concerned and so dedicated to making my life easier.

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