Keith Funkhouser – UPMC Western Maryland Board of Directors


If it wasn’t for UPMC Western Maryland, my daughter would not be here today. And I can say the same thing for my wife, if it wasn’t for UPMC Western Maryland and my discussions with my son knowing the criticality she was in, she wouldn’t be with me today either. I can’t say enough good things about how well she was treated here by the nursing staff. She was here about three days. They explained to her then, when it was time for her to be released, what she should do and what she should expect. And then the Pharmaceutical Department came up and did a fantastic job explaining the medications that she was on and the types of things she should expect from that.

After we went home, my wife was doing real well and she’s still doing real well today. That was over two years ago. But, what really kind of set this hospital apart maybe from experiences with other hospitals is the follow-up. The hospital staff, the nursing staff, and even the pharmaceutical staff followed up with my wife to determine how she was doing and it just wasn’t one time, it was multiple times.

You know, I think that’s an example of the type of care that is provided by this facility. The cardiac care, the stroke center, the oncology department, you know, they’re top notch facilities and so you can get that type of specialized care, along with other care at UPMC Western Maryland and I don’t know that everybody in the immediate community knows that but that makes UPMC Western Maryland and excellent facility to come to for the surrounding community.