Gene Simpson – WMHS Patient


No matter where I go down here, I mean, they are wonderful. You don’t train that, I mean it’s in them. It’s something that’s natural for them, you know. I remember one morning, all I know she was a dark- haired girl, she had three little girls she told me and so she said to me she said “you’re gonna have to have a shower this morning.” She helped me up, took my clothes off, took me in the shower. Well of course I was kind of weak, you know, unstable. She had her clothes on and she got right in the shower with me and held me and she was more wet than I was and I’ll never forget that.

I mean I’m a country boy, there wasn’t too much stuff bothered me I was tough as a rock and that got to me. I just thank God for them, really I mean and they make me feel like I got somebody, you know what I’m saying and after my wife passed away my world changed but they have given me back some it.