Dr. Steven Smith – WMHS Physician and Stroke Center Patient


I was swimming at the Y, swimming laps, and when I was finished I suddenly lost the use of my right leg when I was trying to put my socks on and realized something wasn’t right and then shortly after that I wasn’t able to speak. Called the ambulance and got to the emergency room. There’s a window of time for stroke care that’s three hours really to get optimal care and I made it there within that window and I was treated by the certified Stroke Center here, received trauma leg therapy and resumed virtually normal function within 24 hours and I think of that almost every day of my life, how grateful I am to the emergency room nurse that took care of me, physicians, and the Stroke Center.

I’ve been on the staff in many hospitals in several states throughout my career. This is a very, very fine hospital for the quality of the staff, for the collaborative attitude within the whole hospital system, the nursing staff, and the physician staff really do get along well. There really is there’s a very good team environment here and it’s noticeable for someone who’s been to a number of hospital systems like myself.

If it wasn’t for Western Maryland Health System, I might be in a nursing home. If it wasn’t for Western Maryland Health System, I wouldn’t have near the rich life I’ve had the last twelve years or so I’ve been practicing here and wouldn’t have the warm relationships I had with a number of the patients in this community that I know now but many of them whom I grew up with because I was born in Carmel. I was away for quite a while before coming back to practice here because I wanted to practice in my home. It’s a great place to practice, it’s a great place to be a patient, it’s a great place to work.