Charlie Hartman – Schwab Family Cancer Center Patient


Legitimately my life has been saved four separate times by the professionals here at Western Maryland. From the moment that you are met, if you use the parking service, the valet service, the ladies and gentlemen make you feel welcome. The registration staff, everybody from the check out ladies in the food service, the cafeteria, they like you, they remember you, they ask you how you’re doing. You have doctors, nurses, cleaning staff, the gift shop, everybody asks you, “how’s your family doing, how’s your children, how’s your grandchildren doing?” They give you hugs, they give you hand shakes and they’re sincere. They care about you as a person.

And my cancer doctor, Dr. Mavromatis, was just an angel with her staff. When she said she got the results of my biopsy back and she said that I have cancer, Dr. Blanche Mavromatis was so kind to say, “look, you’ve got cancer but we’re going to get you through this.” I knew right then and there that we were in it together. It was not something that I was going to have to face as a nameless patient, I was being held up and supported.

This facility is large enough to meet your needs but still small enough to care about you. I’ve had visits to John Hopkins, I’ve had visits to Baltimore and I’ve had friends and family that said, “look, with your issues, why don’t you go to the Mayo Clinic, why don’t you go to the Cleveland Clinic?” No, I choose to be here. That’s the way I feel about this place. There’s an emotional affiliation with it and that’s a good thing.