Labor and Delivery at UPMC Western Maryland

If you're looking for a hospital to have your baby, we're happy to have you.

UPMC Western Maryland's labor and delivery team provides the highest care for you and your newborn.

Our unit on the sixth floor offers private birthing rooms and advanced maternity services.

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A Complete Labor and Delivery Care Team

When you come to us to give birth, your expert care team includes:

  • Obstetricians.
  • Certified nurse midwives.
  • Lactation consultants.
  • Nurses.
  • Other health care workers.

Leading-Edge Maternity Services at UPMC Western Maryland

Our team uses the latest childbirth technology to help comfort you during labor. You also have 24/7 access to our anesthesia department for pain relief, including epidurals.

Birthing balls

Birthing balls are just like exercise balls, but slightly larger.

They allow and encourage movement during the labor process.

They can also ease pain and pressure on the lower back and pelvis.

Waterproof, wireless fetal monitoring

If you qualify for our wireless fetal monitoring system, you can shower to help control labor pain.

Golden Hour: Bonding With Your New Baby

After you give birth, the golden hour begins — private time that parents spend with their newborn.

Golden hour at UPMC Western Maryland:

  • Promotes skin-to-skin contact between you and your baby.
  • Gives parents a chance to bond with their infant without any distractions.
  • Lets you enjoy your first feeding in privacy, if you choose to breastfeed.

After golden hour, we’ll move you and your infant to the postpartum unit for the rest of their stay.

Post-birth, lactation consultants can answer questions and help ease concerns about breastfeeding. They will follow up after discharge, as well.

Other Maternal and Fetal Services at UPMC Western Maryland

Delivery in the operating room

We perform scheduled and emergency C- sections in two operating rooms in the labor and delivery unit.

We also have a team to care for both the birthing person and the infant.

Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)

The level 2 NICU at UPMC Western Maryland can provide advanced care to babies born early or with health issues.

Two visitors picked post-delivery get an ID bracelet. They may enter and leave the NICU nursery.

Visitors without an ID bracelet cannot enter the nursery. They can view the infants through large windows from the hallway.

Blinds give privacy during infant tests and treatments.

Contact Labor and Delivery at UPMC Western Maryland

Find the labor and delivery ward at UPMC Western Maryland on the sixth floor.

12500 Willowbrook Rd.
Cumberland, MD, 21502