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Wi-Fi Access
Wireless Hotspots

WMHS is proud to offer free wireless hotspots (Wi-Fi) to our guests and visitors.


  1. Ensure your wireless card is turned on.
  2. Search for nearby wireless networks, and connect to the SSID "WMHS Guest".
  3. Open your internet browser (such as Internet Explorer).
  4. Depending upon the security settings of your computer, you may see an error message telling you this is an unsecured connection. Select the option to connect to this network anyway.
  5. Read the information on the initial splash screen. It includes the logon information necessary to access the Internet.
  6. If you agree to these terms, enter the login information and click the Submit button. If you do not agree with these terms, do not attempt to use the WMHS Guest network.

What is a Hotspot or Wi-Fi location?

A location where public wireless internet services is offered to mobile visitors through a wireless local area network (WLAN).

What do I need to connect to the WMHS Guest network?

You will need a laptop or other device that conforms to the 802.11 wireless standard commonly known as Wi-Fi.

What is the cost of using the WMHS Guest network?

WMHS does not charge for connecting to the Guest network.

Does WMHS provide wireless cards or equipment?

No, you must provide your own wireless card and computer.

Is technical support available?

No, WMHS does not provide any technical support for wireless connectivity. This service is provided as a convenience to individuals familiar with using wireless connections. Availability and compatibility cannot be guaranteed.