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Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

Let Us Help You Breathe Easier!

What is Pulmonary Rehabilitation?
Pulmonary Rehabilitation will give you the tools, knowledge, and motivation you need to manage your chronic lung disease.

This outpatient program meets twice weekly for 12 weeks and teaches exercise and lifestyle modification tailored to your individual needs.
Pulmonary Rehab is designed to help:
Improve your ability to perform daily activities
Increase your strength and endurance
Manage your medications
Reduce your hospital admissions, emergency room visits, and primary care office visits
Enhance your outlook and emotional stability
Give you more energy
Improve your quality of life
Who may qualify?
If you have any type of respiratory problems, you may qualify for the program. Conditions include but are not limited to:
Persistent asthma
Lung cancer
Before and after lung surgery
Occupational lung disorders
What does the program include?
The program includes the following topics and activities:
Exercise/activity directed and supervised by a physician
Training to make activities of daily living easier
Breathing retraining
Energy conservation methods
Stress management and coping techniques
Nutrition awareness and medication education
How do I enroll?
Call Stacey Blank, RRT, Pulmonary Rehab Program Coordinator at 240-964-1800 if you are interested in participating or talk with your physician. This program is often covered by insurance. We will be happy to check with your carrier to see if you qualify for coverage. A physician order/referral is required for entry into the program.

Rehabilitation Program Coordinator:
Stacey Blank, RRT
Phone: 240-964-1800