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Community Health Assessment
Western Maryland Health System is committed to improving the health of the citizens we serve and is a founding member of the Allegany County Health Planning Coalition.  This is a group of community partners working together for a healthier community.
WMHS and the Allegany County Health Department conducted the latest community health needs assessment in FY17.  A local health action plan was developed to address the top priorities identified by the assessment. 

It was agreed to sort the needs under three main themes; access & socioeconomics, healthy lifestyles & wellbeing, and disease management.  

Access & Socioeconomics since social determinants have been found to be key drivers in health status, Healthy Lifestyles and Wellbeing as leading causes of chronic disease, and Disease Management since chronic diseases lead to the most expensive care and have the greatest return on investment if improvements can be made.

The Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and Local Health Action Plan (LHAP) are available at www.alleganyhealthplanningcoalition.com.

Click HERE to download a pdf version of the CHNA.

"These action plans are designed to engage everyone in the community, including businesses, churches, civic organizations, and individuals, explains Nancy Forlifer, Director of Community Health and Wellness at WMHS.  "The strategies range from education about making healthier choices on a personal level to implementation of public policy changes that promote better health.

The Coalition meets monthly and the public is welcome to attend the meetings, which are held at the Allegany County Health Department on Willowbrook Road.  The meeting schedule and the minutes from the meetings are available on the website.

Founding partners of the Allegany County Health Planning Coalition include the Allegany County Health Department, WMHS, Allegany County Board of Education, County United Way, Allegany County Human Resource Development Commission, Tri-State Community Health Center, Allegany Health Right, and the Western Maryland Area Health Education Center.

More information is available by calling WMHS Community Health and Wellness at 240-964-8422 or the Allegany County Health Department at 301-759-5000.