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Community Health Workers
Community Health Workers Are Ready To Assist

A community health worker is someone who visits your home and assists you with staying healthy and safe.  Each worker has special training so they can assist you in many ways.

How Can They Help?  Here are some of the ways they can help:
Assist you with scheduling appointments, getting referrals or arranging transportation to healthcare providers

Connect you to community services that can help improve your health or make life a little easier

Assist you in managing chronic health conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease

Review the safety of your home and make a plan to keep you safe so you can remain at home

Work with your primary care provider and other healthcare professionals to make a plan to improve your health

Be your "coach in leading a healthier lifestyle

Provide social support and answer questions you might have
A community health worker does not take the place of your doctor or other healthcare providers.  A community health worker is another member of the team working to keep you safe and well. 

How Does This Service Work?
This is a free service.  You do need a referral from a healthcare provider to let us know you would like this service  Once we get the referral, a community health worker will contact you to set up a visit to talk about your needs.

For more information about how a community health worker can assist you or a loved one, please call 240-964-8230.