Lab Automation

Robotics have become a way of life at the Western Maryland Health System's Laboratory, increasing the efficiency of processing and analyzing specimens. More importantly, it has enhanced patient safety and quality care with the aid of the state-of-the-art technology. The Lab analyzes more than 18,000 tests daily and is operational around the clock.

Western Maryland Health System was the first in Maryland to have chemistry automation and became the showcase for other facilities. In our new lab, we currently have the latest generation chemistry automation. We have implemented hematology automation to accomodate our most commonly ordered test, the CBC. This year, we will also be automating Blood Bank. This level of state-of-the-art equipment and technology is normally only seen in much larger laboratories. The automation eliminates many manual steps that the laboratory technologist would have previously performed. Our technicians have been certified as automation specialist.

Our automated system is fully computerized The analyized results of each test are automatically interfaced to the hospital's Information Center, which quickly transmits results to the patient's physician. Bar code technology ensures patient safety and quality results throughout the entire process by runing the correct test on the correct patient. Our core lab automation provides 85% of the data utilized by our physicians for diagnosis and treatment.

Most importantly, the greatest benefit of our sophisticated robotic systems is derived in patient care. Results are able to get to our physicians quickly, which translates to better patient safety and quality care.