Choosing WMHS for diagnostic testing gives you access to the latest advances in medical imaging and laboratory testing.

Our medical imaging is completely digital, which results in many benefits for you. This technology decreases the amount of time of your exam and reduces your exposure. It also results in high quality images that are available to physicians within a matter of seconds. It’s also easy for physicians to access your results from their offices or anywhere with web access.

Our PACS (Picture Archiving and Storage System) creates a permanent and easily accessible electronic medical record, which makes your images available immediately should you need emergency care or other treatment at WMHS.

Your laboratory tests are performed in the Laboratory at the Western Maryland Regional Medical Center using the most advanced technology available. With our on-site processing, your physician can get quick results, usually the same day when your care depends on it. Your physicians also can access your results in their offices or anywhere via our secure medical staff web portal.

Learn more about our PET/CT, MRI, CAT Scan, and Lab Automation.

Lab Technology

WMHS Lab staff work diligently with specimens going

through the Chemistry and Hematology Automation.