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UPMC Western Maryland Cardiovascular Unit displays artwork of dedicated nurse



Patients and staff spending time in the UPMC Western Maryland Cardiovascular Unit (CVU) have been treated to a new permanent dose of sunshine thanks to the talent of Betty Glotfelty, RN, professional staff nurse and due to the motivation of Bruce McBride, director, Pastoral Care.

About halfway down the left hallway of the CVU hangs a painting Betty recently finished and installed thanks to the encouragement of Pastor Bruce. The country scene features a rustic barn in a field with a brilliant red and orange sunset in the background. It catches the eye of anyone walking by.

“I started painting a few years ago just as a hobby,” Betty said. “People began to notice a little bit and I started getting requests.” Betty shares photos of her paintings on Facebook once they are completed. This particular one caught the eye of Pastor Bruce, who is Betty’s Facebook friend. He liked it so much he reached out to Betty and asked if she’d be willing to install it in the CVU where Betty works.

“It is a blessing to have Betty’s artwork displayed in the CVU,” Pastor Bruce said. “It gives us a reminder of the calmer more beautiful parts of Appalachia in these mountains. Every patient enjoys peace and quiet and this gives them a chance to reflect on a peaceful farm.”

Betty is pleased how the painting brightens up the unit. “I think it’s nice to give our patients something else to look at beyond all the medical equipment you see in the hallways,” she said.

In addition to scenes like the one installed in the CVU, Betty’s talents run the gamut of subjects. “Animals are a favorite of mine, especially horses,” she said. “I also love doing landscapes, and I find portraits of people to be the hardest. Right now, I am working on a portrait of someone’s grandfather. I’ve done a little bit of everything.”

Betty’s talent with a brush mirrors her selfless work as a health care hero. “Betty is an amazing nurse who gives unselfishly daily to her patients and coworkers,” Pastor Bruce said. “Sharing her artistic talent is a comfort to us all.”

While the end result like the piece displayed at UPMC Western Maryland is great, the joy for Betty lies in the process. “I love seeing a piece come together and I like doing nice things for people,” she said.