• Clinical Resources


The Western Maryland Health System's Center for Clinical Resources is your one source for support for managing you chronic medical conditions such as Diabetes, Anticoagulation Medication, Heat Failure, and COPD. The new location has brought all of these resources under one roof for the first time. The Center for Clinical Resources is located in suite 300 of the Western Maryland Medical Arts Center, right next to the Western Maryland Regional Medical Center on Willowbrook Road in Cumberland.


For patients with diabetes, our team can be your partner in keeping their diabetes under control. Our team is a knowledgeable source for education and information about diabetes self-management and we work closely with your healthcare provider to promote their overall good health.


The Heart Failure team helps patients who are dealing with cardiac ailments by providing education and support, monitoring symptoms of heart failure, assisting with risk factor modification and managing medications.


In addition to extensive education for COPD patients, the team offers nebulizer treatments, PEP therapy, incentive spirometry, peak flow monitoring, oxygen saturations, as well as general respiratory assessments, which keeps patients healthy.


A specially trained pharmacist will review your medicines with you and explain how to use them so you feel your best. You will also get a personalized list of all your medicines, include the drug name, dose, reason for taking, time of day to take it, and any special instructions.


This area provides a variety of services for patients who take the medication warfarin (Coumadin). These include: educating patients, monitoring blood tests to measure the blood’s clotting ability, reviewing current medications for interactions and adjusting doses for patients using the drug.

The phone number for the Center for Clinical Resources is 240-964-8787 and the fax number is 240-964-8687.