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2018 Recipients of Values in Action Award



Pamela Gray, March 2018 Recipient

Congratulations to Pamela Gray, RN, recipient of the March 2018 Values in Action Award. An employee since 1995, Pamela goes out of her way to meet each patient’s needs and help her coworkers.

As a nurse in the WMHS Cardiology Department, Pamela takes her time to ensure the needs of both her patients and their families are being met. Pamela is frequently mentioned by name in patient satisfaction surveys and in hand written notes. Many are thanking her and the rest of the Cardiology staff for the kindness they were shown during their tests and procedures.

Pamela is the epitome of integrity and inspires coworkers to achieve excellence. She is a great example for new and experienced nurses by always adapting to new situations and showing kindness to everyone she interacts with.

Elizabeth Barnhart, February 2018 Recipient

Congratulations to Elizabeth Barnhart, RN, who is the recipient of the February 2018 Values in Action award. Elizabeth was nominated for her work in the Intensive Care Unit, where she worked before recently becoming a House Supervisor. A dedicated RN, she also continues to work as part of the Clinical Resource Team (CRT) as needed. An employee since 2005, Elizabeth always demonstrates compassion for her patients, their families, and her coworkers. She always promotes a positive work environment.

As an RN, Elizabeth is seen as a leader and a resource to her peers. She communicates openly and honestly with her coworkers in order to quickly problem solve and provide encouragement during stressful situations. Elizabeth uses her leadership skills to mentor and coach her colleagues, especially less experienced nurses.

Elizabeth is always striving to improve her skills, both technically and professionally. She holds herself to high standards and her work performance is exceptional.

Debra Mattas, January 2018 Recipient

Congratulations to Debra Mattas, a member of the Patient Access team at WMHS, recipient of the January 2018 Values in Action Award. She exhibits a kind and caring attitude every day and always makes patients feel welcome.

In her role as access registrar, Debra is a wonderful example of service excellence, greeting all patients by name. No matter how busy Debra might be, she always takes the time needed to make sure patients feel comfortable.

Debra also serves as a trainer for new employees. She makes new team members feel welcome and encourages them well past their initial training. Her co-workers on the Patient Access team are proud to have her on their team!

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