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2017 Recipients of Values in Action Award


Kara Beeman, December 2017 Recipient

Congratulations to Kara Beeman from the WMHS Wound and Hyperbaric Center team, recipient of the December 2017 Values in Action Award. An employee since 2014, Kara always goes above and beyond for both her coworkers and patients. She is a ray of sunshine on difficult days.

As a medical office assistant, Kara is always ready to jump in to help in any way she can and looks for process improvements along the way. She takes on an astonishing amount of work, and always gets it done on or ahead of time.

Kara strives for excellence in her own work and is also able to reach the core of what a patient needs – often without the patient even having to ask. Overall, Kara is a very caring person whom the Wound Care team appreciates working with every day.

Kirk Shoemaker, November 2017 Recipient

Congratulations to Kirk Shoemaker from the WMHS Facilities team, recipient of the November 2017 Values in Action award. An employee since 2015, Kirk goes out of his way to make a difference for both WMHS employees and patients. He continually demonstrates integrity and excellence in his interactions and work.

As a Maintenance Mechanic – Carpenter, Kirk is proactive in addressing facilities-related issues. He often addresses maintenance issues so quickly and efficiently that hospital staff members don’t even realize there is an issue and are better able to stay focused on their patients.

In addition to striving for excellence in his work, Kirk also serves as Facilities’ Safety Officer. He, along with the Facilities’ leadership team, manages the safety program. Facilities recently went 877 days straight without a recordable incident causing lost time. Kirk works to make a difference here at WMHS every day.

Chay Crosser, October 2017 Recipient

Congratulations to Chay Crosser from Dialysis, the recipient of the WMHS Values in Action Award for the month of October. An employee since 1993, Chay goes above and beyond for patients and co-workers. She is a team player who puts everyone else before herself.

As coordinator of Peritoneal Dialysis, Chay is a tireless advocate for her patients. Co-workers say she shows true compassion, empathy, and respect to patients and families of dialysis patients. In addition to being a superb caregiver, Chay is an excellent resource for all PD education and services.

Chay proves her dedication on a routine basis when she assists patients and staff RN’s with PD care regardless of whether it is day or night. She often suggests innovative care options and is readily available to provide her assistance in a genuine, knowledgeable, and non-judgmental way. Chay is a great role model for Service Excellence and a great ambassador for WMHS.

Dawn Jackson, September 2017 Recipient

Congratulations to Dawn Jackson, recipient of the WMHS Values in Action Award for the month of September.

A nurse on the Progressive Care Unit, Dawn is a wonderful employee and an amazing charge nurse. She is always very professional and kind to patients and co-workers alike. Dawn shares her 22 years of nursing experience by passing on her knowledge when mentoring new staff. She often waits to take her lunch to make sure that everyone else on her unit is taken care of.

Dawn always puts patients needs first by doing what is best for the patient and their family. When rounding she will pitch in and help bathe patients. Dawn brightens up a room whenever she walks in and the patients absolutely love her. Co-workers say Dawn is very deserving of this honor and takes a great deal of pride in her career. Dawn sets a great example by going to other units to help start IVs or access ports when needed. Also, she recently passed her stroke certification.

Kristen Crabtree, August 2017 Recipient

Congratulations to Kristen (Kris) Crabtree, recipient of the WMHS Values in Action Award for the month of August.

As a nurse in Hospice Care, Kris is a calming presence to patients, families, and coworkers. Her dedication to her patients is unparalleled. Kris often tells the nurses on call to contact her if they receive a call from a specific patient or family that she’s been assisting and will then call in to check on her patients when she is not working.

Kris also continues to grow professionally. She continued her education to include specialty training in pediatric end-of-life care and is currently pursuing her BSN. Kris mentors fellow staff members by sharing her expertise and serving as a role model with her caring and compassionate nature.

Kris goes above and beyond for her patients and coworkers by consistently putting others’ needs first. WMHS is lucky to have such a special nurse working in Hospice Care!

Audra Bender, July 2017 Recipient

Congratulations to Audra Bender, recipient of the WMHS Values in Action Award for the month of July.

Employed since 1976, Audra is a patient escort in the Patient Transportation Department. She is a familiar face around the hospital with her bright smile and positive outlook. Audra goes above and beyond the call of duty in everything she does. She’s always willing to lend a hand or change her shift when needed and she is committed to making sure patients are comfortable before transporting them.

Audra is an effective communicator and an even better listener. Her supervisor says she closes the loop on communication in their department. She is given pertinent information on patient’s conditions or needs and makes sure she conveys it to the clinical staff in a discreet and respectful manner. Audra also takes extra time to help patients, visitors and families find their way around the hospital.

She has been a valued employee for more than 40 years and has held multiple positions. Co-workers says there is no one more deserving for this award. Audra is a great ambassador for WMHS and a shining example of the core values and service excellence standards.

Mary Marrale, June 2017 Recipient

Congratulations to Mary Marrale, recipient of the WMHS Values in Action Award for the month of June.

Employed since 2013, Mary is an Information System Specialist in Human Resources. She is described as a great team player who is positive and kind in all situations. Mary goes above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis and her customer service abilities are top notch.

She is very dedicated to her job and takes great pride in her work. The integrity of her work product is extremely important to her. Mary goes out of her way on a consistent basis to provide additional education to managers and employees who may be struggling with system related items – and she does so with a smile on her face.

She strives to improve processes and find efficiencies wherever and whenever possible. Mary is a continual learner and takes on any task without hesitation. Co-workers say it is a joy to work with her.

Kim Lease, May 2017 Recipient

Congratulations to Kim Lease, recipient of the WMHS Values in Action Award for the month of May.

Employed since 1986, Kim is described as an excellent CNA and a shining star in showing innovation and compassion.

She is always finding new ways to comfort her patients and takes pride to do so. Kim can foresee needs and fulfill them before patients even have to ask. She maintains a pleasant, cheerful attitude and her patients look forward to seeing her. Kim is a mentor for new nursing assistants and is a Child Passenger Safety technician, providing a valuable service of infant car seat safety. Kim is an invaluable member of her team and a true reflection of the WMHS Core Values!

Kim is a mentor for new nursing assistants and is a Child Passenger Safety technician, providing a valuable service of infant car seat safety. She is an invaluable member of her team and a true reflection of the WMHS Core Values!

Janet Chisholm, April 2017 Recipient

Congratulations to Janet Chisholm, recipient of the WMHS Values in Action Award for the month of April. An employee with 48 years of dedicated service, Janet is a nurse in Pediatrics at WMHS.

Janet is an exceptional employee who has been praised by staff as a calm, experienced and professional pediatric nurse. She is a constant advocate for her patients and looks after their families with the utmost care and kindness. In fact, the pediatricians have recognized Janet’s quick action combined with her vast knowledge of pediatric care as a tremendous asset to WMHS.

She works very hard to orient the new hires on her unit and has trained a generation of pediatric care providers over the years. Janet’s nursing instincts and persistence have saved many lives, according to Dr. Michael Levitas. He says she has intervened on several occasions when she was concerned about the status of a young patient.

Janet is a shining example of our Core Values and a Service Excellence role model.

Congratulations, Janet!

Tamara Haines, March 2017 Recipient

Congratulations to Tamara Haines, recipient of the March 2017 WMHS Values in Action Award. Employed at WMHS since 2001, Tamara is a nurse in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU).

Her co-workers share that Tamara continually goes above and beyond what is expected to make each patient’s experience at WMHS a positive one. She is a tireless advocate for patients and has genuine care and concern for every patient she encounters.

Tamara fills the PACU with positive energy and her upbeat personality is appreciated by her patients and co-workers. She serves as the lead for the department’s Team Building Committee that has made great strides in bringing unity to all areas of perioperative services. Tamara is a role model for nurses in both PACU and the perioperative area and makes each new employee feel welcome.

She is definitely a role model for everyone at WMHS through her demonstration of our Core Values and Service Excellence. Congratulations, Tamara!

Sharon Butler, February 2017 Recipient

Congratulations to Sharon Butler, recipient of the February 2017 WMHS Values in Action Award. Employed since 2012, Sharon is a Therapy Aide in Therapy Administration.

Described by her co-workers as an exceptional employee with a positive attitude, Sharon has received many peak performer awards, along with numerous off-the-record compliments for always going above her duties to benefit patient care. Many patients and family members voice their gratitude for Sharon’s gentleness and calming presence in difficult situations.

Sharon has been known to calm the wife of a gentleman who had difficulty accepting that she could no longer care for her husband, to minimizing the anxiety in other stressful situations.

Sharon assures grace and professionalism in her approach. It is said that Sharon is the “silent soldier” that holds the department together. She exemplifies the WMHS Core Values and is a wonderful role model for Service Excellence.

Kelly Kilbane, January 2017 Recipient

Congratulations to Kelly Kilbane, the Values in Action Award winner for the month of January. Employed with WMHS since 2012, she is a nurse in High-Level Care.

Kelly is an excellent caregiver who provides a supportive environment to staff, especially to those new to the unit. She is very helpful in boosting morale by continuously creating games, events, and ideas for her co-workers to participate in.

Kelly maintains a positive attitude and keeps her cool even when High-Level Care is very busy and the census is extremely high. She’s always willing and ready to learn new processes and procedures that help improve the care and satisfaction of her patients. Kelly volunteers to put in extra hours to assist whenever she is needed. She tries to stay upbeat regardless of the situation, even when it means putting others needs before herself.

Kelly is a valuable asset to her unit and the health system. She also serves as a Service Excellence/Patient Experience Champion.

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