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2015 Recipients of Values in Action Award


Patricia Smith, December 2015 Recipient

The WMHS Values in Action Award recipient for the month of December was presented to Patricia Smith.

An employee since 1995, Pat is a valuable asset who brings a wealth of knowledge, skill, and experience to her unit. She is a proven leader and excellent charge nurse. Pat is detail- oriented, organized and a real team player and mentor, going above and beyond the call of duty every day to help her co-workers.

She anticipates the needs of her residents, families and staff, identifying the needs of the “whole person,” not only physically, but mentally and emotionally, as well. Pat is an outstanding caregiver and an inspiring example of what all nurses should strive to attain.

Congratulations – you are a true reflection of the WMHS Core Values.

Tim Greise, November 2015 Recipient

Congratulations to Tim Greise, recipient of the Values in Action Award for the month of November. An employee since 1990, Tim is a housekeeping aide in Environmental Services (EVS). He is a dedicated and very reliable member of the EVS team who is considered the “Go to Guy” for many special projects and time-sensitive jobs around WMHS.

Tim’s positive attitude and willingness to assist visitors and co-workers provides a great example of how every employee should reach-out to engage our customers. He often volunteers to work extra hours on weekends for special assignment jobs in the WOC and Brook Buildings on the Willowbrook campus. Tim is described as personable, hard-working, supportive and very detail-oriented.

After a co-worker recently suffered a devastating home fire and medical crisis, Tim stepped up to help in several ways. He helped cover her work shifts during the process of getting her home ready for her family to return. Tim and his co-workers even donated some of their leave to the employee until she got back on her feet. Decency and kindness are words that have been associated with Tim – a role model, team player, and an example of the WMHS Core Values!

Jody Rizer, October 2015 Recipient

Congratulations to Jody Rizer, recipient of the Values in Action Award for the month of October. Employed for nine years, Jody is a valuable member of the Food and Nutrition team. Described as exceptionally loyal, trustworthy and of high moral character, Jody’s director also shares that she is totally committed to service excellence and strives to provide her customer with the highest quality.

She displays a contagious enthusiasm for producing excellent products and in turn motivates her co-workers to follow her lead. Jody provides the best customer service during the Thursday Demos in the Food Court. It is her true signature of what Service Excellence and great customer service is all about. Jody’s customers often comment on her acts of thoughtfulness and kindness. She is a role model, a team player, and a true reflection of the WMHS Core Values!

Lori Russell, September 2015 Recipient

Congratulations to Lori Russell for being selected the winner of the Values in Action Award for the month of September.

Employed with WMHS since 1993, Lori is a Nurse Clinician, Intake RN/Education Coordinator in Hospice. She is often the first hospice contact that a family has. Lori is able to meet the family where they are, understanding how difficult it can be to receive the news that their prognosis is terminal. She gently explains that the Hospice program does not take away hope, but rather gives the patient and family the support needed through a very difficult time.

Lori works to accommodate the family’s schedules and is willing to stay in the home or hospital room as long as needed, giving the patient and family much needed support. Her non-judgmental ways make everyone that crosses her path feel cared for and welcomed into the Hospice Program.

Tiffany Matthews, August 2015 Recipient

Congratulations to Tiffany Matthews for being selected as the winner of the Values in Action Award for the month of August. An employee since 2013, Tiffany is a registered nurse on 7 South. She is an exceptional caregiver and a team player with a cheerful, positive attitude and engaging personality.

Tiffany is always eager to help assist her co-workers when needed and often anticipates the needs of her patients and their families. She is very organized and takes everything in stride. Tiffany leads by example, bringing her pleasant demeanor and can-do spirit to the most difficult tasks. Co-workers have even referred to her as a “Disney Princess” for her ability to solve problems and spread happiness.

She is dedicated to being an advocate for her patients and makes every effort to make them as comfortable as possible during their stay. Tiffany is a glowing example of Service Excellence and demonstrates the WMHS Core Values every day.

Tammy Scaife, July 2015 Recipient

Congratulations to Tammy Scaife for being chosen as the Values in Action Award winner for the month of July. Employed since 2003, Tammy is a well-respected nurse in the Operating Room.

Co-workers say Tammy’s positive attitude, pleasant manner and unparalleled clinical knowledge of the surgical unit places her patients at ease and reassures them about their procedures. She is a leader and a premier clinical resource to others within the operative arena. Tammy inspires others to “raise the bar” and holds them accountable to do so. She constantly strives to make the unit more efficient and to run smoothly.

She is tireless in her efforts to make her patient’s experience as pleasant and safe as possible. She is a true advocate, a role model, and a team player. Tammy is a shining example of Service Excellence and a true demonstration of the WMHS Core Values.

Nina Lancaster, June 2015 Recipient

Congratulations to Nina Lancaster, for being chosen as the June 2015 WMHS Values in Action Award winner. An employee since 2011, Nina works as a nurse in the health system’s Wound Care Clinic. She is an amazing Wound Care Clinician and RN with a gentle, caring nature and a well-deserved track record as the ultimate team player.

Nina is one of the most giving and compassionate nurses. She spends an endless amount of time and energy on her patients and their well being. A true patient advocate, she exemplifies all aspects of the WMHS Core Values. Nina has an infectious attitude that is always positive and supportive. She is a pleasure to work with and comes to work every day with a smile on her face.

Co-workers say Nina goes above and beyond the call of duty to help out when needed. In fact, not a day goes by that she does not offer help to her co-workers, other departments and almost all of the patients she serves. Nina is a very knowledgeable resource for wound care and nursing. She does an excellent job mentoring new nurses and other disciplines.

Amy Jenkins, May 2015 Recipient

Congratulations to Amy Jenkins for being chosen as the May 2015 WMHS Values in Action Award. An employee since 2002, Amy is a nurse in the Emergency Department. She is an excellent clinician and a team player who displays a real passion for her work.

Amy is a seasoned and well-respected ED nurse and a true champion of Service Excellence at WMHS. She is always willing to lend a helping hand in every situation she encounters. Her work ethic and technical skills are second to none. Amy continuously seeks out further education in order to build her knowledge base. She is a dedicated team member who frequently comes in at a moment’s notice to assist her co-workers.

Amy regularly assumes additional duties as a relief Charge Nurse as well as a Stress Debriefing Counselor for the ED staff. She is an excellent preceptor for new staff and also serves her local community as a volunteer firefighter and EMT. Her level of compassion, positive attitude and strong desire to always do her very best serves as an inspiration to all. Amy is a valued member of the ED staff and an asset to our community.

Jill Mazzeo, April 2015 Recipient

Congratulations to Jill Mazzeo for being named the winner of the April 2015 WMHS Values in Action Award.

An employee for 21 years, Jill is a Senior Financial & Production Analyst in the Finance Department. She is an excellent employee and a hard worker who is a team player with a pleasant attitude. Jill interacts with many departments and organizations outside of the health system. She generates accurate reports and compiles data for a variety of important projects.

Jill has taken ownership of several data projects including the state of Maryland HSCRC requirements and she has been so successful that the state and one of our IT vendors consider WMHS as the leading hospital for managing data collection. Co-workers say Jill is knowledgeable, well-respected, an outstanding resource and almost unflappable.

Her strong work ethic, integrity, and great analytical skills make her a valuable asset to her department and WMHS.

Laura Lepley, March 2015 Recipient

Congratulations to Laura Lepley, Clinics and Practices, for being named the winner of the March 2015 WMHS Values in Action Award.

Employed by the Health System for nine years, Laura is a Medical Office Assistant at Hunt Club Medical Center. Laura co-workers share, “Laura goes above and beyond patient satisfaction with her extremely sweet, kind, and gentle demeanor. She can reasonably handle difficult situations or conversations with patients and/or family members. Laura learns every new task or a new computer program quickly and easily. She patiently helps all those who call or come to the front desk in a very gracious manner. She is very diligent with her work and never leaves a stone unturned regarding patient care from start to finish. Laura works exceptionally with her co-workers and those in other WMHS physician offices and clinics. She is always willing to help.” You exemplify the WMHS Core Values and are a wonderful role model for Service Excellence!

Mary Walker, February 2015 Recipient

Congratulations to Mary Walker, a housekeeping aide in Environmental Services (EVS), for being selected as the winner of the February 2015 WMHS Values in Action Award.

Employed by WMHS since 1980, Mary is an excellent worker and a team player with a positive attitude and a can-do spirit that helps lead her co-workers by example. She always has a warm smile and a kind word for everyone she meets. Mary often goes above and beyond the call of duty to help visitors reach their destination by personally taking them to their desired location. She is assigned to the Emergency Department and she takes a great deal of pride in keeping the ED clean, well-stocked with supplies and generally in amazing condition, according to her co-workers.

Mary is dedicated to the ED staff, co-workers, patients and their families. She pitches in when and where her services are needed – even willing to come in at 2 a.m. to handle an urgent situation and then showing up later that morning for her regular shift. Mary’s work ethic is legendary and it sets a wonderful example for her younger colleagues. She has even arranged to bring in enough food to feed lunch to the entire staff without expecting anything in return.

Co-workers say Mary is considerate, reliable, friendly, helpful, caring and very thorough. She is a valuable asset to WMHS and her department. Mary is an unbeatable combination of Service Excellence and the WMHS Core Values that makes her a pleasure to be considered a peer.

Chere Thacker, RN, January 2015 Recipient

Congratulations to Anita “Chere” Thacker, a nurse in Medical Oncology at the Schwab Family Cancer Center, for being selected as the winner of the January 2015 WMHS Values in Action Award.

An employee since 2010, Chere is an excellent caregiver and an unselfish team player who treats her patients with respect and dignity. Before recently moving to the Cancer Center, she worked in the infusion room (IV Therapy) administering IV antibiotics. Chere worked very closely with Dr. Aman Dalal and his staff to treat patients with very serious conditions.

Many face months of treatment, which is a huge commitment and a challenging experience requiring daily trips to the hospital for infusions. Chere carefully explains everything to them and conveys an unwavering trust and compassion toward her patients. She makes them feel comfortable about their treatment by letting them know that she will be by their side to help them get through the extensive therapy.

Co-workers describe Chere as very knowledgeable, kind, and extremely thorough. Everything she does is guided by grace, humor, and kindness. She exemplifies the WMHS Core Values and is a role model for Service Excellence.

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