Feature of the Month - August 2014

Lyme Disease       

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection spread from the bite of an infected deer tick. A tick can infect you only if it stays attached for at least a day.

Symptoms of Lyme disease can start days or weeks after a tick bite, and will be different in each person. The symptoms can also range from mild to severe. The first sign may be a red rash, which often appears within a month of getting bitten. The rash starts as a small red spot at the site of the tick bite, and will then spread over the next few days or weeks to form a circular or oval-shaped rash. Sometimes the rash resembles a bull's eye with a red ring around a clear area with a red center (as pictured above). Lyme disease can make you feel like you have the flu.

Diagnosis:  A doctor may be able to diagnose Lyme disease based on your symptoms and the history of a tick bite.  After four weeks of Lyme disease, your body may create antibodies against the infection. Your doctor may look for these antibodies with a blood test.  The blood test cannot confirm or rule out Lyme disease.  Instead, the results of the blood test will be used in combination with your symptoms and personal history to make a diagnosis.

Treatment: Lyme disease responds well to antibiotics.  These medications can kill bacteria.  The length of your antibiotic treatment will depend on your condition.  You may need to take them for 10 days to 3 weeks or more.  If you are not treated, further symptoms can occur months to years after a tick bite.

For more information:  http://healthlibrary.epnet.com/GetContent.aspx?token=428139b7-3be5-4437-b8c1-b319600b185e&chunkiid=20373 

 Walk for a Cause 

Charity of Your Choice Walking Challenge

All you need to participate is a Mile Mover tracking card.

Simply track your steps between September 1st and October 31st and submit the cards by Tuesday, November 4th.

Miles can be tracked by using free fitness apps like mapmywalk.com, mapmyrun.com, or mapmyfitness.com. 

Tracking cards are also available online at: http://www.wmhs.com/files/MileMovers-Tracking.pdf 

 Submit card by Email:  cmoffatt@wmhs.com  OR      Fax:    240-964-8415


$25 Gift Card Drawing Monthly-anyone who submits tracking cards with steps.

Charity Prize Drawing- $250 for the charity of your choice (all participants reaching 100 miles will get a chance in the raffle)

For details, call 240-964-8418.

Smart MovesTM: A Youth Wellness Program

Non-diet, family approach to weight management in children mainly ages 8-12.  Though separated at times, a parent or designated adult attends each session with the youth participant.

Sessions are led by experienced staff that knows there is no easy solution.  A registered dietitian, social worker, and exercise specialists will work with families to promote both improved physical and mental health.

Schedule:   September 8 - November 24, 2014   (12 week program)

Date/Times:  Mondays 6:15 - 7 p. m.  and Wednesdays 6:15 - 7:30 p.m.

                     - (Only meet Monday in last week due to holiday)

Location:      Riverside YMCA Youth Center

For details or to register, call 240-964-8422

What’s your Blood Pressure?

Free Blood Pressure Checks are available

Cumberland Country Club Mall – Food Court

1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month 8-9 a.m.

Outside the Cafeteria WMRMC

1st Pay Day Thursday of Month 11:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m.

For other options, call WMHS Community Health & Wellness at 240-964-8424.