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Better Breathers Club - July 1


The WMHS Pulmonary Rehab Program is sponsoring the next Better Breather's Club meeting on Monday, July 1 from at 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. at the Western Maryland Regional Medical Center auditorium (room 4 and 5), located on the second floor of the main hospital across from the cafeteria. 

Topic: Elder Law

Guest Speaker: Carl Miltenberger, Esquire
                           Elder Law Attorney with over 16 years of experience

Light refreshments will be served 

The meeting will be led Stacey Blank, RRT, a Registered Respiratory Therapist with the WMHS Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program and Coordinator of the program.  The club will meet on the first Monday, every other month, at 5:00 p.m.  For more information, contact Stacey at 240-964-3807, or by email at: sblank@wmhs.com

Chronic lung disease affects more than 35 million people in the United States.  For many, it can make routine daily activities almost impossible due to the debilitating symptoms of shortness of breath and fatigue.  If you are one of those suffering with chronic lung disease, the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program at the Western Maryland Regional Medical Center might be the answer to your problems.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation (Rehab) will provide you with the tools, knowledge, and motivation you need to manage your chronic lung disease.  The primary goal of the program is to help individuals improve their daily lives by improving or restoring the ability to function independently.  The outpatient program meets twice weekly for 12 weeks.  Patients learn how exercise and lifestyle modifications that are tailored to their individual needs can make a huge difference in their quality of life.

"We’ve learned that many patients with respiratory problems tire easily, don’t sleep well and often can’t keep up with jobs or lifestyle, which often leads to frustration and anxiety,” explains Stacey Blank, a registered respiratory therapist and coordinator of the WMHS Pulmonary Rehab Program.  "We believe our program gives these patients the tools and skills they need to cope with their illnesses and allow them to lead their lives to the fullest.”

Pulmonary Rehab is designed to help patients improve their ability to perform daily activities; increase strength and endurance; manage medications; reduce hospital admissions, emergency room visits, and primary care office visits; enhance emotional stability; increase energy; and improve your quality of life.

Chronic lung disease conditions include but are not limited to COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), persistent asthma, lung cancer, before and after lung surgery, and occupational lung disorders.  The program includes exercise and activities directed and supervised by a physician, training to make activities of daily living easier, breathing retraining; energy conservation methods, stress management and coping techniques, as well as nutrition awareness and medication education.

"Pulmonary Rehab reduces the fear and the panic associated with lung disease,” according to Blank.  "The inability to breathe is terrifying.  Many people with lung diseases live in fear of gasping for breath so they drastically curtail their activities.  A program like this is designed to give patients the knowledge and resources to get back in the game.”

If you have any type of respiratory problems, you may qualify for the Pulmonary Rehab Program at the Western Maryland Regional Medical Center.  The program is often covered by insurance and we can check with your carrier to see if you qualify for coverage.  A physician order/referral is required for entry into the program.  If you are interested in participating, talk with your physician or contact Stacey Blank, Pulmonary Rehab Program coordinator, at 240-964-3807. 

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