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Community Health Access Program (CHAP)

Access to medical care is now easier for those who are uninsured. The CHAP program offers preventive and primary healthcare services to Allegany County residents who are uninsured and meet the financial eligibility guidelines. This unique program, a joint venture of the Western Maryland Health System and Allegany Health Right, links participants to a primary care physician and appropriate health and social services, such as prescription programs, nutritional counseling, and diagnostic care. Through CHAP enrollment individuals are screened for potential eligibility in over 40 area programs. CHAP clients are also enrolled in the WMHS Charity Care.

What Healthcare Services Does CHAP Cover?

CHAP helps to cover the cost of primary care and routine screenings. Through Charity Care, CHAP clients are assigned a patient responsibility rate based on their income level which is applied to the cost of the services provided by the WMHS.

Will I be Able to See a Physician When I am Sick or If I Need Medical Care?

Once you are enrolled in the CHAP program, you will be assigned to a primary care physician who is part of the CHAP program. Any time you need to see your primary care physician, you can schedule a visit for only $15. This is a significant saving for you, since a visit to most physicians' offices costs between $30 and $50.

When you need to see your physician for illness or follow-up care, you can call your assigned primary care physician and make the appointment yourself. Please present your CHAP card at the time of the visit and pay the $15 fee for the office visit. The remainder of the cost of your visit will be a donation by your provider.

What Happens If I Need Medicine or Other Medical Care?

Upon CHAP enrollment, individuals with certain chronic diseases will be referred to a nurse care coordinator at the WMHS Wellness Center,who will help you when you need to access other healthcare services. Case managers at Allegany Health Right or the TriState Community Health Center will help CHAP clients who do not have one of the identified chronic diseases access health & human services by referring them to the appropriate agencies.

Who Can Participate?

You may qualify for the CHAP program if you:

  • Are between the ages of 19 and 64
  • Live in Allegany County
  • Do not have health insurance, including Medicare or Medicaid
  • Meet the financial guidelines

How Do I Enroll in CHAP?

To enroll in the CHAP Program, just call Allegany Health Right at 301-777-7749 or the Western Maryland Health System Community Health and Wellness at 240-964-8420 or 1-800-224-8688. We will schedule an appointment to determine your eligibility.

Once you are accepted into the CHAP program, you are responsible for scheduling appointments with your primary care provider.

If I Have Questions, Who Do I Call?

At the time of enrollment you will be given contact information for the care coordinators or case managers . These individuals are available to answer any questions you may have about the program. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions about the guidelines for participation or the services that are available.