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2017 Pinnacle Award Winner - Kelly Kilbane from High Level Care

Kelly Kilbane (right), a nurse in High Level Care at WMHS, is pictured receiving the 2017 Pinnacle Award from President and CEO Barry Ronan at the annual Pinnacle Award Dinner held at the WMRMC auditorium.  

The award, which honors Western Maryland Health Systems Employee of the Year, is presented annually to one of the monthly Values in Action Award recipients from the past 12 months.  Each of the nominees was seated at a table that included family members, friends, and co-workers, along with the Department Director from each nominee's department.   

Employed with WMHS since 2012, Kelly is an excellent caregiver who provides a supportive environment to staff, especially to those new to the unit.  She is very helpful in boosting morale by continuously creating games, events, and ideas for her co-workers to participate in.  Kelly maintains a positive attitude and keeps her cool even when her unit is very busy and the census is extremely high. Shes always willing and ready to learn new processes and procedures that help improve the care and satisfaction of her patients.  Kelly volunteers to put in extra hours to assist whenever she is needed.  She tries to stay upbeat regardless of the situation, even when it means putting others needs before herself.  Kelly is a valuable asset to her unit and the health system.  She also serves as a Service Excellence/Patient Experience Champion. 

WMHS Values in Action Award nominees for this past year include: Angela Lipscomb - OB/Labor & Delivery, May 2016; Sheryl Smith - Emergency Department, June 2016; John Lapid - Home Care, July 2016; Caitlin Martin - Cardiovascular Unit (CVU), August 2016; Jennifer Garrison - Center for Clinical Resources, September 2016; Josh Savage - Emergency Department, October 2016; Tracey Stewart - Environmental Services, November 2016; Hannah Corcoran - Outpatient Behavioral Health, December 2017; Kelly Kilbane - High Level Care, January 2017; Sharon Butler - Therapy Services, February 2017; Tamara Haines - Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU), March 2017; Janet Chisholm - Pediatrics, April 2017. 

Previous Pinnacle Award Winners were: Jody Rizer, Food & Nutrition (2016); Leona McTaggart, FNRC (2015); Jennifer Perrin, RD, LDN, CDE - Center for Clinical Resources (2014): Debbie Greise, RN (2013); Denise Marsh, RN (2012); Emma Brashear, Wellness (2011); Lori Evans, Lab (2010); Kelly Winterberg, Radiology (2009); Samantha Jones, Social Work (2008); and Bill Lewis, ICU (2007).   

Congratulations to Kelly and all of the Pinnacle Awards nominees!