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New Regional Medical Center Will Have Advanced Hospital Beds










When the new Western Maryland Regional Medical Center opens in November, all of the patient rooms will feature new state-of-the-art smart beds.  Made by Stryker Medical of Kalamazoo, Michigan, the new beds are safer for patient and employees, more efficient that existing beds, and more comfortable and durable than most hospital beds on the market. 

WMHS has taken delivery on 255 of the new Medical-Surgical Stryker (S3) beds and 20 of the Stryker "InTouch” critical care beds.  All of the critical care beds will be motorized and include specialty mattresses.  Sixteen beds will be placed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and four will go the Cardiovascular Unit, or CVU.

All of the new beds allow caregivers to access controls from anywhere around the bed.  In addition, the "One-touch” in-bed scale provides the accurate weight with the patient and the bed in any position.  Each bed also features the "iBed Awareness” and three-zone "Chaperone” Bed Exit Systems that monitor bed status and patient position to help reduce falls. 

photoThe InTouch critical care beds in the ICU/CVU rooms are equipped with an ergonomic computer touch screen that contains all bed functions.  The beds also feature a Spoken Language Translator system that translates the most used common clinical phrases into 12 different languages and the on-board Sound Therapy allows patients to hear music or natural sounds that are part of a soothing environment.  The Styker beds also feature a system that helps organize, document and promote compliance with proven best practices.        

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Marlene Beard (left), from the WMHS Education and Project Management Department, and Jill Clites (right), Admissions Nurse and Wound Care Specialist, are shown with one of the new Styker Medical/Surgical beds that have been purchased for the new hospital.  

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