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Anti-Coagulation Management

The WMHS Center for Clinical Resources Anticoagulation Management team is located in suite 300 of the Western Maryland Medical Arts Center, next to the Western Maryland Regional Medical Center on Willowbrook Road in Cumberland.  A team of trained and certified pharmacists will work with you to management your anticoagulation medication. 

The outpatient clinic provides a variety of services for patients who take the medication warfarin (Coumadin).  These include: educating patients, monitoring blood tests to measure the blood’s clotting ability, reviewing current medications for interactions and adjusting doses for patients using the drug.  This innovative clinic is one the ways that we are meeting the challenge of healthcare change.

The clinic is accepting referrals from providers for new patients.  The phone number for the clinic is 240-964-8787 and the fax number is 240-964-8687.

To download the referral forms for Anticoagulation Managment, please click on the following links:

New Patient Referral Form (Click HERE)

Continuum of Care Form (Click HERE)