Community Benefit Report

Western Maryland Health System

Community Benefits Report FY2012

(As Reported to the Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission)



Community Health Services

Services designed to improve the health of the community, such as education and outreach programs that address health needs, free or low-cost screenings, support groups, wellness programs, and programs such as Meals on Wheels.


Health Professions Education

Support of educational and clinical training for healthcare professionals, such as providing clinical sites for students and funding scholarships. (Does not include cost of required education, in-services, orientation, tuition reimbursement, and CME's that are part of doing business)


Mission-Driven Health Care Services

Subsidies for the health care services that lose money but would not otherwise be provided to the community if WMHS did not help provide them. (Examples: physician practices and clinics, hospital medicine program, etc.)



Costs for any research that was not covered through grants or other funding sources


Financial Contributions

Grants and donations to local organizations and activities that help improve the overall health status or quality of life in our community


Community Building Activities

Cash, in-kind donations and budgeted expenses for development of community health programs and partnerships related to economic development, community health improvement advocacy, and workforce development, including physician recruitment.


Community Benefit Operations

Direct cost of staff time to document community benefit activities.


Charity Care

Healthcare services provided free of charge or at reduced charges to individuals who cannot afford to pay for their care.


Medicaid Assessment




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